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This is a discussion forum about the Safe Network, a decentralized data storage and communications network that replaces data centers and servers with the spare computing resources of its users.

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The Safe Network Primer is a good place to start learning about the Safe Network.

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  • Beginners: Are you new to the Safe Network? Read the Safe Network FAQ, introduce yourself in this topic and feel free to create a topic that contains all the questions you have!

  • Support: This is the place to ask for help about anything related to end-user applications such as Safe Network App, Safe Browser, Safe Vault and Safe CLI. This category can also be used for support questions related to MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin.

  • Features: Topics about existing and potential features of the Safe Network.

  • Apps: Topics about existing and potential Safe Network apps.

  • Safecoin: General discussion about Safecoin. News, features, economics, etc.

    • Price: Topics about the MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin price.
  • Farming: Topics about farming equipment, techniques and experiences.

  • Development: Technical topics about the core libraries and APIs of the Safe Network.

  • Community: Topics relevant to the SAFE Network community.

    • Blog posts: Topics discussing blog posts that are directly relevant to the Safe Network community.

    • Events: This is the place to organize and announce events that are relevant to the Safe Network community.

    • Podcasts: Topics discussing podcasts that are relevant to the Safe Network community.

    • Videos: Topics discussing videos that are relevant to the Safe Network community.

  • Press: News articles, interviews and other press that are specifically about the Safe Network.

  • Marketing: Topics about marketing strategies and discussion related to potential app builders, farmers and users.

Some categories are not displayed on the homepage, but they are easily accessible via the Categories page. This is because the goal of this forum is to focus on discussions about the Safe Network. Therefore the following categories are not displayed on the homepage:

  • Cybersecurity: Topics about news, blog posts, videos and presentations that relate to cybersecurity.

  • Related Projects: Topics about apps and projects that don’t use the Safe Network, but that are related to the Safe Network in some way (e.g. projects that focus on privacy, security and freedom).

  • Meta: For bug reports, suggestions, complaints, discussions about moderation and other questions that are specific to this forum or to the Discourse forum software, please use the meta category. You can also contact the moderators directly by sending a private message to “moderators”. And if you spot a reply or a topic that is not in line with the forum guidelines, please flag it.

  • Off-topic: Topics about politics, philosophy and anything else.

  • Local: Topics where discussion in other languages is allowed.

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Where is this forum hosted, who pays for it and who is taking care of it?

This forum is hosted on the servers of the Discourse team, paid for by MaidSafe, administered primarily by @frabrunelle (Francis Brunelle) and moderated by a group of active community members. The safenetforum.org domain name is managed by MaidSafe.

Here is a short history of the Safe Network Forum: