Forum Update: Changes to the forum settings, new moderators and new backup admin

Hi everyone,

Here’s the fourteenth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here).

New members and forum stats

First of all, we would like to welcome all new members (please feel free to introduce yourself in the Introduction topic if you haven’t done so already :slightly_smiling_face: ). We’re at 6855 members right now!

Here are some more forum stats:

Changes to the forum settings

After some internal discussions and polls among mods, we are planning to change the following forum settings:

approve post count

The amount of posts from a new or basic user that must be approved:

Increase it from 0 to 2.

approve new topics unless trust level

New topics for users below this trust level must be approved:

Increase it from trust level 0 to trust level 1.

tl1 requires time spent mins

How many minutes a new user must read posts before promotion to trust level 1:

Increase it from 60 mins to 120 mins.

tl1 requires topics entered

How many topics a new user must enter before promotion to trust level 1:

Increase it from 30 topics to 45 topics.

tl1 requires read posts

Increase it from 180 posts to 240 posts.

We are also planning to change the security settings of #off-topic so that only trust level 1 users can create / reply and everyone can see. Currently, only trust level 1 users can create new topics and everyone can reply/see.

We think the above changes will help us better deal with various moderation issues we’ve experienced recently, especially regarding the #off-topic category. If you strongly disagree with any of the above changes, feel free to let us know.

New moderators

We’d like to welcome @Sascha and @jlpell to our team. Both of them are long-term and active members of our forum.

@Josh and @polpolrene have decided to step down as moderators recently. We would like to thank them both very much for their help with moderation over the years.

New backup admin

@polpolrene is stepping down as a backup admin. He says he’ll continue to be active as a community member but that he has another project taking most of his time. We’ve decided to add @Dimitar as a new backup admin since he’s a long-term and very active community member (and also a mod).

General info

List of admins:

List of mods:

For questions, suggestions or complaints about moderation, please contact @moderators by PM (or feel free to create a topic in #meta). For issues related to specific topics/replies, please contact @moderators by PM.

If you spot something that’s not in line with our Forum Guidelines, please use the Flag function. That way all online moderators will get a notification with a direct link to the topic/reply.