I’d like to welcome a new home for our Autonomi documentation…

We think you’ll find it a useful addition. It’s incorporating the primer, and much more, and should be a more digestible, navigable, and sharable resource to back up all the work that that’s been going on as we approach beta.

It’ll expand too, as a home for quickstart guides, downloads, developer documentation, SDKs, and a host more as we run up to launch.

So dig in, share, and feel free to give us your feedback!


Is there a GitHub repo to contribute or send issues? I couldn’t find it in the maidsafe GitHub, there’s one from a maidsafe docs that I guess is not the right one.
So far, reading the first chapters, looks great!


Not wired in yet… will get to it!


Excellent - we need proof readers. I have no doubt this was checked thoroughly beforehand but there will always be something, especially in such a large document that isnt quite 100%.

A big thankyou to all who put this together, lots of missing pieces dropping into place now :slight_smile:


Looks fantastic on a first glance!

One quick thing I noticed:

I guess the ‘quantum encrypted’ should be ‘quantum resistant encrypted’ / ‘quantum resistant’.

Looking forward to looking through it in detail :slight_smile:

  1. First line on the team page

MaidSafe are the team behind the Autonomi, and the core developers of its protocol”

Think it needs network adding after autonomi or “the” removing

  1. Fundamental principles no.6 has the word choose twice.

  2. Self organising system

“ The Autonomi is a surface on which new digital worlds can be constructed.”

Add Network or remove “the”

  1. Key features , privacy

“nor origin of data they hold or transmit, even if it is their own, “

Comma should be a full stop.

  1. FAQ, why do we need an autonomous network?

“As more of our personal data in the hands of third parties“

Missing “is”

  1. FAQ, can I buy autonomi tokens?

“ Safe Network Tokens when released. ”

  1. FAQ, what is maidsafecoin?

“MaidSafeCoin is a proxy token that supports the development of the Autonomi and allows pre-purchase of its native currency.“

Add network or remove “the”

  1. FAQ, who are maidsafe?

“ Started in 2006 by Scottish engineer David Irvine, MaidSafe are the core developers of the Autonomi”

Add network or remove “the”


Great job !


Looks good!


I like it :+1: This is great, with good content flow through the introduction, enough without being technical, but pushing home key points.


Lookd like ready to update almost blank page :slight_smile:

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Looks good so far!

I know it’s still early but just want to point out use of Safe Network as I come across them.

On the Data Types page,
“Data itself comes in different forms too. Content or binary data is always encrypted and is spread out over the Safe Network as immutable chunks.”


Link to Ethereum hack lead to Error410 page
Maybe fix with this one:


Does the Primer have a place anymore? Or is this the primer expanded?


On the internets crowd storage layer page

We’ve all got underutilised, assets. Laying dormant while corporations continue to pour concrete, lay cables, and rack servers.

would read better as

We’ve all got underutilised assets lying dormant while corporations continue to pour concrete, lay cables, and rack servers.

on the Built From Everyday Devices page

Full stop needed at

It runs on commodity hardware

Is the comma superfluous?

Just allocate your spare storage space, and be rewarded directly by the Network.

on Private by Design we need a “need” after You

You only a single set of credentials while interacting with an unlimited number of services, businesses, identities, or contexts of use.

On the Overview page

the word "fee" is missing here after one-time

When someone (a person or a collective) uploads data they pay a one-time at point of upload and then the data is stored for the lifetime of the Network.

We are either missing a left bracket or we have an extraneous right bracket here :slight_smile:

That frees owners of data—whether they’re individuals, collectives or organisations)—from ongoing

On the Building On Kademlia page
the word group is missing

As nodes leave and others join (a process known as churn) the node’s close will change.


I would say so. It dives a bit deeper IMO


Yesterday we were talking about Primera, Jim seems to have overheard our conversation … :wink: It looks good, but it’s worth including comments from the community.

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All feedback so far already incorporated!



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just spotted…


On the libp2p page …

Fault tolerance:

libp2p is to recover quickly from disruptions or failures

Is designed missing?

libp2p is designed to recover quickly