Forum Update: Welcome new members / closer and closer

Hi everyone, here’s the sixth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here). First of all I would like to welcome all new members. Maidsafe is getting a bit on the radar again and we see it clearly in the stats:

115 new members over the last month where 54 joined over the last 7 days. Totally we’re heading for 2000 members on the forum (1913 right now) and that’s quite amazing. Regular members will already know, but for the new folks out there here’s a small explanation about the forum. Did you already find the “Welcome to the SAFE Network Forum” topic?

The idea behind this forum is quite simple. We want to talk The SAFE Network and everything that has to do with it. This forum was started by community member @David in April 2014. Others joined and Maidsafe offered to pay for the hosting, URL etc. So this forum is run by community members and paid for by Maidsafe. It gives them all the time to focus on the project and it’s software and gives us a great place to talk SAFE. You’ll notice that some users have “Maidsafe” in their profile name. This means they are working for Maidsafe and are talking on behalf of the company. @Ross for example will bring you the latest Dev-updates on a weekly basis. Maidsafe founder @dirvine and others will jump in when there are questions about the technology and security. But please please don’t tag them too often in replies. The Devs are making quite some hours bringing us the software and network. A lot of questions are already answered and can be found using search.

When it comes to discussing this forum and/or moderation META is the place to go. That category won’t show up on the frontpage because we want the frontpage to be about the technology and innerworkings of SAFE. Same for Off-topic. That category is about everything other than SAFE that doesn’t fit the other categories. Please talk the price of Maidsafecoin in the right topics. We allow speculation (both up and down) on price but newly created topics that say “Maidafe completely undervalued1@!!!” in the hope to pump price will be deleted immediately.

One thing I like to point out is the use of Flags. Flags are the fastest way to get attention from any moderator on the forum. All mods get a clear notification when a topic get’s flagged and we can take direct action against spam, posts not in line with the Forum Guidelines etc. Feel free to use it when you doubt about a post/reply. We’ll just have a look at it. For any other concerns use @moderators.

That’s all for this update.


We now have over 2000 members on our forum!

@nik was number 2000

Great stuff folks!


Haha, did not realize that :smiley: Glad I found out about this great project! where is my prize?

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New users up 236% as seen over the last 30 days. This growth started on Friday.

Today we’re at 9 but the US is still asleep :sleeping: so the day actually just started.


About 100 new users on the forum since the testnet.


Today it’s 19 days ago since the testnet went live. We’re still growing at a nice speed. The 203% change is the growth of new users over the last 30 days (this number get updated every day). We do see peaks of new users coming in around the Dev-Updates. We’ve seen 48 new users over the last 7 days. Totally we have 2173 users on the forum.

Barchart of new users joining the forum.