Proposal for new categories

I would like to propose some major changes to the categories of this forum.

I think now is the perfect time to make these changes so that we can start the New Year on the right track!


Are you new to Project SAFE? Read these topics first, introduce yourself and ask any questions have!

It can be overwhelming for a new user to decide which category they should use to ask their questions. And even if they do find the right category, it’s likely that they will ask a question that has already been answered. I think we should have a category where it doesn’t matter if there are duplicate questions. Users can just ask the questions they have in their head and experienced members from the forum can point them in the right direction. I know this category is necessary because I often get messages from new users (since I send them an automated welcome message) and they reply with a list of questions they have. It’s easy to tell a user, just search the forum but there are so many topics and resources that it can get overwhelming for a new user.



Technical discussions about the core protocol, the MaidSafe APIs and developing apps.


Milestones, announcements and weekly updates related to the development of the SAFE Network.


For developers who have errors when compiling MaidSafe, etc.


News articles and other press about the SAFE Network.

This category is pretty good as it is. The only thing I would change is make it more strict so that it’s not enough if MaidSafe is simply mentioned in the article. The article should be about the SAFE Network as its main subject.


Topics about existing and potential features of the SAFE Network.


Topics about farming equipment, techniques and experiences.


Everything about the currency of the SAFE Network: safecoin.


Topics about existing and potential SAFE applications.


Topics about marketing strategies to target potential developers, farmers and users.


Topics about user/developer guides, white papers, screencasts, diagrams, examples, tutorials, animations, etc. that focus on the SAFE Network.

A lot of people ask questions of the type: “Will X be possible on the SAFE Network?” or “How does the SAFE Network do X?”


This is the place for events, meetups, conferences, etc. (both “real” world and online). Announcements, discussions and meeting minutes can all be posted here.

I am thinking of making this a subcategory of marketing.


In this category each topic should be a question that is thoroughly answered in the first post. That first post is a wiki post that can be edited by anyone. Use the rest of the thread to discuss the content of the first post.

I am thinking of deleting this category.

Other technologies

Topics about technologies not directly related to the SAFE Network. For
example, this is the place to talk about other decentralized
technologies (e.g. Bitcoin), computer security and cryptography.


Topics about politics, philosophy and anything else.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.


A category exclusive to members with trust level 3 and higher.


Private category for staff discussions. Topics are only visible to admins and moderators.

Let me know your feedback. I will make changes based on your suggestions.


I think you may be surprised… where will all the tin foil hat stuff, religion, conspiracy theories, pseudo-science etc go? - these seemed to form a large part of the posts, (now banished to off-topic by popular demand). You will also have to hide the “uncategorized” category.from the main page, as we currently do with off-topic - again due to popular demand.
I’ve got a feeling the off topic category will just fill up with nonsense again and be visible on main page - that is the only concern I have.


Irrational Bollocks?
I don’t particularly mind what its called, but “Philosophy” is elevating a lot of whacko ideas to an undeserved status I think. Most of the stuff I’m on about would not qualify as philosophy and it doesn’t take much thinking about to dismiss, nevermind philosophise about …lol

I really like the part about making a category for apps that are being developed.

There should definitely be a community for that


Important not to err on the side of censorship. For some people Tesla and his legacy are pseudo science as is Russian science as are drugs that aren’t made in the US. You know drugs that aren’t made in the US aren’t safe.

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I think it’s common that people with different philosophies find each other’s views irrational bollocks or whacko. The very usage of the word “irrational” shows that you probably subscribe to the philsophy of Empiricism or Rationalism or something similar, knowingly or not.

Denying philosophies from another side of the spectrum the status of “philosophy” is a bit like a Christian denying Budhism the status of “religion” because, obviously, it’s bollocks.

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I don’t think I proposed censoring anything; I’m not proposing anything other than this way off topic stuff stays off the main page - The forum members have already voted with their feet to do so, because of all the annoying nonsense arguments arising from such posts. If this is to go back on main page then it will be going against forum members’ wishes and a legitimate vote; changing the topic’s name only and putting on main page is a definite No as far as I’m concerned.

So perhaps in addition to or conjuction with we should also have a section for “Philosophy.” Also I think such a section would be essential given the nature of this project. Code is the new politics and politics is influenced by philosophy. I really don’t think a project of this size and scale could or should be free of a section to discuss “Politics and Philosophy” given that such things directly relate to the code and apps that are being written. What you believe is what you code.

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@Al_Kafir I would agree with that. I’ve noticed that people whose professional lives have been composed of a non stop fight in the legal field, even at the end of their career are most interested in philosophy. Its as if fell it all comes down to philosophy and how we answer those basic questions. This is backed up by the power of dead economic thinkers who can write well. How many wars have we had over their musings and theories?

To be honest I think pretty much all traditional philosophical topics are now either answered or non questions anymore. Just to be controversial - I think Philosophy is dead in most respects.