Website builders - an invitation

I have a demo project in the works for publishing websites on Autonomi and it would be great if you would like to be a part of this, the early Autonomi web. You can do this. The community will help. Just ask.

Literally anyone can be one of the first people to have a website on Autonomi, the new secure, decentralised internet.

I know people tend to think, oh that’s fine for some but I could’t do that. But believe me anyone can do this even if you need a little help. For example, if you can copy and past the following text into a file and save it as “index.html”, maybe stick a quote or something you want to say in there too. Then you can do this!

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Home Page</title>
 <h1>Welcome to My Home Page</h1>

It would be great to have any number of websites built by people in the community.

And yes, you can even ask ChatGPT to do it for you :rofl: I asked codellama to do the above :thinking: Come on folks, you know you want to. Just make the page, save it and let me know and we’ll get that up on Autonomi as soon as things fall into place!

We few, we happy few, we band of ants;
For ant to-day that posts his HTML with me
Shall be my fellow ant; be they ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle one’s condition:
And ants from England to Oz now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their anthoods cheap whiles any speaks
That published with us upon Autonomi’s launch.

There, you even got a speech so you’ve no excuse not to take part.
The basic requirement is that they are self contained static websites - so no links to Google fonts or other resources on the surveillance web.

DM me or reply here if you’re interested in making static HTML website and be one of the few, forever!


wh000000000t this sounds like your super secret project is really something super-awesome!!! i’m sure @Traktion will be interested with his blog (?) and i’ll just say i want to make a website too !!! (not sure about the content … won’t be too exciting … )


My blog is an SPA (single page app - it runs in the browser), rather than a static site. I’m not sure if those are supported yet?

Happy to help where I can though. Sounds exciting!


But no server side anything (except for serving via simple Web server) and everything happening Client side - right?


Yes, everything is client side. It’s just not a regular static site. Perhaps it would be a good test actually.


So long as everything loads from fixed resources it should be fine. Definitely a useful test.


I definitely want to be involved, at least if I find the time next week. I think I can export a website of mine to static. And we will see if that works. When I find the time, I’ll give it a go. Just very busy, with VR dev at the moment, cheers.


I have a SPA that I can test. How would we test a static/SPA website? I though the Autonomi Web Browser was defunct?


@happybeing has been busy cooking up something new :slight_smile:


I can’t find a DM button!
Could you DM me? :grin:

But there’s already a project with which you can run a local Web proxy for serving websites from autonomi


We don’t have a browser unfortunately but we will soon have a demo browser. :shushing_face:

Would be great to have you try your site, I’m just waiting for a working testnet.


Sure, can lift up some static html page.


I have a question! If everything is done on the client, how can you do CRUD? I think it would be very helpful for my understanding if there were a good example for this.

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You can have your CRUD interface in the browser. So you can have a CRUD facing web app on one side of that interface and the network APIs on the other.

I demonstrated this by getting Solid apps to use an earlier Autonomi API (back in 2018), by implementing a subset of the Solid CRUD API as JavaScript in the Browser.

Today it might be better to use Rust/WASM instead. It’s something I’d be keen on doing again but first we need a browser!

See the topic below for more on that project. There’s a presentation, slides and code. Out of date but shows how it was done.


How are those websites coming along folks? Will you be ready for the public testing of my demo. Private testing went well but the testnet fell over (PunchBowl) before I could make it public.

The current test isn’t scheduled to last so I’m thinking we should wait until the next stable testnet. :thinking:


Do it do it :wink:

If it’s not to much hassle to build for a test net of undermined duration ?


I’m torn because it might be straightforward or it might not, and I could instead try fixing a significant bug.

Thanks for the encouragement though.


Work on the bug that’s more important we can hold on till your ready


What is needed for any website to work with awe is for it to only access URLs on the same site, and without specifying the protocol or site address. So pages (or things that load markdown files) can use relative or absolute URLs. (Actually it can specify the protocol and site address, but they obviously have to be one’s recognised by awe).

So you would need the markdown to be part of the directory tree of your site when it is uploaded, and for them to be accessed with URLs of the form “/blog/”, “/blog/” and so on. Relative paths are ok too, relative to the page in which the link occurs.

Some static site generators access content when generating the site and should work fine. Publii for example seems to work although I’ve only done a very small test.

Publii is very like having your own local WordPress, and it can import WordPress content so it would be good if someone wants to try that. I might redo my blog using it if I ever get the time!