Website builders - an invitation

Calling all you OG’s mentioned below who put up a website on the prototype network several years ago.

COME BACK, because it is time to do it for real.

Please reply below if you still have your old website or want to put up something new on Autonomi.

Be one of the first sites in the perpetual versioned web! :pray:

Pinging @Scott @FellowAnt @polpolrene @BadAss.Sx @riddim @s11made @digrec @Guy_J_Allanson @frabrunelle @bvmvcd @mvanzyl @we_advance @safer @JBishop @happybeing @fergish @dazh @fiee @Aster @TheRedHawk @Frontrow_Al @fiee @Blindsite2k @pierrechevalier83 @anon81773980 @riddim @Seneca


I will give it a shot. Can I export my Wordpress site as static, I think that is what you need? Links can only to point to internal pages posts, correct? I can get it to you on Monday?

Cool, please have a go.

I’m not up to date with WordPress but I believe you can import to Publii which creates static sites so that should work.

This would be a really useful example.


I’ll let you know when I have figured it out. And you can then give me further instructions. A long time ago, when I had a small website uploaded to the network, just a couple of pages, I believe simple html worked fine. Cheers

This is really good to hear. I look forward to it, thanks.

Yes. Literally anyone can be one of the first people to have a website on Autonomi, the new secure, decentralised internet.

I know people tend to think, oh that’s fine for some but I could’t do that. But believe me anyone can do this even if you need a little help.

For example, if you can copy and past the following text into a file and save it as “index.html”, maybe stick a quote or something you want to say in there too. Then you can do this!

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Home Page</title>
 <h1>Welcome to My Home Page</h1>

And yes, you can even ask ChatGPT to do it for you :rofl: I asked codellama to do the above :thinking:

Come on folks, you know you want to. Just make the page, save it and let me know and we’ll get that up on Autonomi as soon as things fall into place!

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I just sat down to learn it (Publii) and would like to have a basic page with a few photos ready for publishing on autonomy :slightly_smiling_face:


My static website is ready, can we upload with earned tokens yet?

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Great :pray:. I will be in touch as soon as it’s possible.

You will need some tokens (not sent for rewards) the upload.

You can either run nodes yourself - without Discord ID owner - or ask on this topic for a donation when we’re ready.

I am running some nodes without owner for this and others will be too if I know this community.

Let’s do this! (As soon as the network allows :rofl:).


Your charming illustration fails to show the midgies that infest the area during that kind of weather. Consider an overlay of thick black irritating dots for greater realism. For extra points, include a sound file of barely audible buzzing and somewhat audible sweary-words in a variety of European languages.


Thanks for the Publii tip, that worked for me. Through it I put together a very small 3 page static website. So it’s ready to go. Just let me know how you want to proceed. I can zip it, compress and email it, send you the entire folder, its 49 mb, let me know. Cheers

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Will js work? Either, font’s can be rendered (.svg, .ttf?)

Marvelous! :clap: Ideally you will upload it yourself. I will be in touch.

Everything should work so long as you are not accessing those resources from the regular web - so no links with http / https in them. All links should be relative to your own site (e.g. “afont.ttf” or “/images/ants.svg” etc).

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This has to be a website! Amazing work by @DavidMc0 and Massimo :bowing_man:


I have a static website, made by discordmember maximumawesome, it just needs content.

If anyone has an idea dm me and I will send you the site.


Thanks, no cdn.


I’m a different David, but that’s ok :smile:

I’ll talk with Massimo and sort something out about a website. Probably a tweaked version of Dough’s current site, with some info about accepting eMAID, and removing the aspects that won’t work yet on Autonomi (e.g. buying gift vouchers).


I’m sorry! Fixed.

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