Testers wanted for an Autonomi app demo

Anyone willing to run some of my code on Linux and see what happens?

Before I inflict this on everyone it would be great to have one or three folks try it out and make sure something useful happens.

There will be .deb / .rpm and .appimage options and if you are very keen I might be persuaded to provide a Windows build (hint, please please persuade me).

Oh, and I can’t build for Mac but if you would be willing to do that let me know. The more ants the merrier.

Reply here if interested.


I’ll test a .deb :slight_smile:


You don’t have to ask me twice :smiley:


I’ll try anything once!


Count me in!


i’ll try but have 2 :sleeping: now

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yes count me in please


Can test on windows.


Which version? I’m thinking I’m try building on W7 first and see if that works on W10 and W11.

Thanks for stepping up, and same to everyone else.

Why 7, who use it? I can dig some 7 images but does it make sense?

I asking what you use. No need for you to test W7, unless you really want to.

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Got windows 11 to test on :slight_smile:


I dunno happybeing, you gonna make me use the CLI to test it? :sunglasses:

FYI I gave up on Win7 for now at least but have the build on Win 10 working so testing of that on any version of Windows from 8 upwards would be great.

I’ll be sharing this on the testers topic and publicly soon. Not sure when yet.


Windows 11 here standing by :slight_smile:

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If I ever get this fibre back up I promise to try on a Win11 VM


I hope before public Beta, as then we would need to earn first before we can try your thing.

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We did some initial testing with a small group of volunteers on PunchBowl (the test immediately before beta) and the results were great, far better than I expected:

Achievements unlocked: built on Ubuntu 24 and running on:
@Southside .deb on Ubuntu 22.04 after 'sudo apt --fix-broken install`
@19eddyjohn75 .deb on Ubuntu 22.04 (no extras)
@Josh - .deb on Ubuntu 23.04 (no tweaks) :partying_face:
@aatonnomicc - .rpm converted to .deb running on Mint :tada: (after turning the user off and on again :laughing:)

The following did not work:
@Josh - AppImage on Ubuntu 23.04 (“nothing happens”)

Thanks to all who joined and allowed themselves to be experimented upon. :clap:

I now have a build for Windows set up as well as Linux. I can’t build on Mac myself, but it would be great if someone would like to try that. It should be straightforward. I’m also working on mobile but that isn’t there yet.

I have also been working on the app and have fixed the ‘big bug’ where pages would lock up after a few clicks as well as a few other things. And thanks to
@loziniak I’m able to build for the beta network at last :clap:

Unfortunately I don’t have enough nanos to put up any test websites yet for people to use with the app. I have a few nanos, but not enough and as you know they are like hens teeth rn. :chicken:

So I shall continue to develop and can publish builds for anyone who wants to … publish a website with their spare nanos (the ones kept out of rewards). I know some are doing that so let me know if you have enough to try uploading to the beta. The app can estimate the cost for you before you upload, so that would be a useful test too even if you don’t have enough nanos yet.

Any website that doesn’t rely on a server will be fine. So if you can load it into your browser locally without running a web server it should work on Autonomi. Anything from a single page with an image or whatever, to a blog created by a static site generator will work.

I have tested a few sites, including one made with Publii which is like WordPress but runs locally and generates static websites so this stuff does work. You can even import WordPress sites into Publii, so that is a very interesting thing to experiment with, and upload when the nanos are abundant enough!

So reply here or DM me if you have a few spare nanos and want to try uploading to the beta network.


I am willing to try on a Mac.

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We still need someone to try building on Mac (@gmason is offering to test if we can build).