Project SAFE: London

Hi guys,

How many SAFE builders/enthusiasts are there in London?

I think it would be great to create a London meetup group for sharing our common interests! I was also thinking about possible SAFE Pod style workshops for introducing local devs to the API and helping them to get started on app development.

To gauge a potential interest please comment with your thoughts!

UPDATE: Let’s get the ball rolling:


I no longer live in London but do visit regularly so I might drop in now and again, maybe do a talk.


Be good to have competition throughout the UK. Hope someone from the Bitcoin/IT community (Edinburgh) can make something happen in Scotland.


If there is a desire for a meetup in Scotland, maybe MaidSafe should organise a MaidSafe meetup. Just putting the idea out there :smile:


John, what kind of competition do you have in mind?

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My understanding is that for the platform to reach it’s full potential requires that the technology be separated/decentralised from Maidsafe Ltd, in essence, competing with the creators… the pods are the process for achieving this (if i’m correct).

All the best.

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Check out:

Would be nice to have a London event. Count me in.


Hi Andrius,

I would be up for meeting in London, I’m afraid I have no coding skills but perhaps I could listen at the back and get some direction on that.


I might be passing through London on the 23rd or 24th of January. I could give one or both of the lectures from the Safe Network from First Principles, we had great success in kickstarting many discussions with them in Montreal. I could also give them on the way back to Glasgow after my Europe tour, in April.


Hey Frontrow_Al,

No need for coding skill :slight_smile: Any input and brainstorming is welcome!


Awesome idea, let’s keep in touch! How many people showed up for the lecture(s) in Montreal?


It varied between 6-7 up to 30-40 with heavy promotion from @frabrunelle on Facebook, Meetup, and this forum and the support of the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal.


Do you think you’ll get a meetup going this week or I should aim to come in April instead?

I think April would be the best, as then we would likely have a confirmed venue and word out! Thanks!

Great! We will keep in touch then, let me know as soon as you have a venue sorted out, my travel plans are not set in stone so I might be able to come sooner!

Absolutely, already on it! Thanks for your help and time.

Thanks for everyone who commented and liked the post. Seems there is an interest for this to happen!

Let’s get the ball rolling:

Join and share with Builders you know! :smile:


We are having our first meetup with David Irvine! Please join: Login to Meetup | Meetup

Second meetup with Erick Lavoie is also confirmed! Please join: Login to Meetup | Meetup


Thanks guys for doing this! Really enjoyed it.