SanFran Safe Pod (SF) -- Meetups, etc!

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I recently arrived my new home downtown in SF and am really enthusiastic about helping with the MaidSafe SAFE Pod.

I had an idea over the break, for organizing a “SAFE app development contest,” which I’d advertise to the Bitcoin and other tech / coding communities that I’m a part of here in SF.

My idea is a “Startup Weekend”-type event, because I really liked their formats and have participated in several during my time as a student at University of Hawaii. They were very effective at getting people to form their own teams based on their own needs, allowing them to rapidly prototype their ideas and then have a panel of judges listen to all the finalized pitches and declare a winner in the end.

I think the SAFE community could benefit greatly from having at least one of these events, and then though the network and API aren’t live yet, I think it still isn’t too early to have this and get people coming together to get the ball rolling with new apps in development as we all await launch.

Who knows, maybe all this could also bring more people into helping develop the core from afar :slight_smile:

I’d like to hear what @dirvine @ioptio @dallyshalla and anyone else thinks about this, because it’s an idea that has greatly excited and inspired me!

Anyone in the San Francisco area is greatly welcomed to jump on board as well!



With the API getting tied together, I’m sure that we’d be able to make this a regular thing;

I’m sure we can be organized and decentralized, in that we’d be able to host global hackathons and successfully coordinate projects that would deliver these apps that are sought after by what could be many people :sunny:

Certainly, there is yet work to be completed and things to be finalized before we can get a realistic participation by engineers, developers, and evangelists;

I’m sure @nicklambert is aware of this idea as well;


Yes I think this type of event will work really well for us, once we have the test/beta network and the API at the appropriate level. We were actually talking about this on the call yesterday. I think the important thing here is that we all work together and avoid any fragmentation. @ioptio and I have been discussing this and I’m happy for her and @dallyshalla to lead here. I hope you enjoy SF @whiteoutmashups! Thanks for all your enthusiasm!


Definitely want to keep a good plan formed; in order to succeed in our efforts; versus rushing into things. It will be vital to “keep it together” focusing on ‘the’ and ‘a’ safe network.

Thanks means secure access for everyone - including reaching out to the other decentralization projects to participate, even though so far some projects are apprehensive :blush:

integrating alt coins with safex is suddenly sounding like a great diplomatic approach;

Looking forward…

I’m 100% with you all!

I like the idea of the global hackathons, and would be more than happy to help with that.

But I also think that since we are here in SF that it would also be great to use all the great communities just here in our backyard (like I’m in the local Python group, and JS group, and Bitcoin one, etc etc) and perhaps we could leverage them right here to get a physical, in person competition going (even if it’s somewhat small). Maybe at Geekdom one day?

There’s something special about being there with your team in person, and competing in the same room as all the other teams, that just makes it a whole lot more exciting :slight_smile:


I just know it really made a difference for me, every time I participated in the “Startup Weekend” events.

Last time I did it, I pitched an idea called “LineHopper” where restaurants submit their menu and people use the app to order online and skip the line, and earn points.

Then I talked to the other entrants, and we organized into a group with a marketing major, a computer science major, and a graphics design major (I was another marketing / business major) and we had a cohesive and very capable group.

Over the weekend (we had to spend all day Sat & Sun there, but it was worth it!) all the teams worked on their ideas and then we prepared a prototype and a pitch, and after we submitted and pitched to the panel of judges on Sunday evening, we ended up getting 2nd place, winning $100 each (scholarship money). But what was the most rewarding was hearing the accomplished entrepreneurs (who made up the panel of judges) each give us their complete opinion on our startup and what we could do to make it its very best :slight_smile:

It was awesome and it’s love to put one together for SAFE here in SF, since there’s so many great tech groups and devs all around us!

We could definitely give example ideas like SAFEx, ones from the forum’s “Apps” categories, and especially those from the “Most Wanted Apps” thread list. But of course the majority of app ideas would come from the entrants themselves.

I think @dirvine @ioptio @nicklambert @happybeing and more would be a great panel of judges :slight_smile:

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Just get me on that plane… :smile:
…what via Skype? … Doh!


There’s a really good interview of Peter Diamandis, where he explains how he came up with the X-Prize and all the economic sense it made. What you’re pitching is no different!

By the way, I love “safepod” as a domain if one of you can get it, if not already.


Great connection! Didn’t even think of that :smiley:

I love the X Prize; definitely a great push forward for humanity. All about leverage!

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@gonefarmin I heard @frabrunelle is getting this together:

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#SAFE Pod SF Being revided!

Come join our Meetup today! downtown: 2 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA (6-8pm)

We’re now at 191 members so it should be great! I’ll try to get recordings for you guys too!

Going to be pretty open format today with me, @hunterlester, Brian Anderson & more at Mozilla! Will be pretty open format, Hunter said we will prod the crowd and see their skill levels, and do anything from simple demos of core libraries, SAFE Apps / websites, or if the crowd has the skill level then we might be able to compile parts of the network on our Raspberry Pi’s etc and potentially work on IoT projects.

Come out for our newest bright blue SAFE Network shirts! They look awesome!


we’re trying to promote the SAFE Network name over the MaidSafe name, since it’s open source tech and the vision is bigger than the company :slight_smile: It’s all of us!

You’re taking the picture in the mirror and I was trying to be funny. They look good.


I don’t suppose I would be able to reserve one.

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A few pics from today
@hunterlester @piluso @Google @whiteoutmashups

I tried to record on my laptop but I guess the program crashed, my first time using it, :frowning:

I can let people know what it was like tho if u want


Hey @whiteoutmashups,

Thanks for all the pics. I think a summary of the event would be appreciated, explaining the format of the event, what you covered, who was there, and any comments/questions/concerns that stood out. Maybe people that attended are planning to build apps, the type of apps they are planning to build, lessons learned for next time. That kind of thing.

EDIT/SAFETY WARNING: If you keep holding your fingers in the rock hand position they might get stuck you know, especially if the wind changes direction :slight_smile:


MaidSafe Asia doesn’t play!!

500 SAFE Pod SF USB’s for outreach over here!! I’ve been thanking them profusely all day!

These will be awesome, they’ll have my digital business card and info about our Pod and how to come by and get help. I’m also going to fill them with my custom GH Auth-Mock-Routing repo and a guide on how to use it, so they can have everything they need to start making SAFE Apps offline anytime they want!

And these aren’t just regular USBs… Your phone can read / store to them too!

#Thanks MaidSafe Asia!

Definitely! Will load up my laptop and get on that

“Aloha” position, but your warning will still be heeded!


#SF SAFE Pod Meetup #4 Review

Was very refreshing to have another SF Outreach event after all these years!

We had 17 people show up in total, about half as large as our events used to be, but we learned a ton from putting it on. The location was great and we thank everyone at Mozilla for hosting us, however we might see if a location more central and accessible to downtown will yeild a higher turnout in the future.

The Q&A showed us that @hunterlester and I have very complimentary knowledge about SAFE. He was able to cater to the Rust questions from Mozilla employees, and talk at length about his experiences compiling it (client_libs) on Pi’s & laptops, and things of that nature, while I was able to respond at length about many of the general questions people had about the technology, vision, economics, implications, & things of that nature, having read every topic that has ever came out on this forum since the beginning :stuck_out_tongue: We also get along brilliantly, so I think we’re a great team!

Overall, @hunterlester and I agreed to have it be somewhat open-format, so we mostly were there to gauge the audience’s skill level, provide answers in discussions (like “when is Alpha 2 coming out??” :stuck_out_tongue: ), and ended up in him showcasing his JS App Dev learning suite and me demoing TEST 17 sites and various apps, including some from my repos.

Many people were intrigued with how well video, audio, and websites were working on this small, decentralized network. And while nobody mentioned any specific apps they are planning to build, several asked for the Mock-Routing pack link, so I gave it to them and demo-ed usage of it (Authenticator Mock-Routing pack repo). So we may see programs coming from them in the future!

We had many people that @piluso kindly brought from “42 College.” an online / campus based next-gen programming university, who had many deeply probing questions about the system and led to many insightful discussions.

Many people were asking for a recording, so I tried from my Ubuntu laptop but it crashed when I was presenting and I wasn’t able to check on it and see until after everything was pretty much finished. I think we might need some sort of cheap simple tripod camera after a while, since @hunterlester plans to do events monthly, and I plan to even more frequently. I apologize for that!

Overall it was a great ice-breaker back into the SF scene, and we learned very much by hosting the event. In terms of food, pizza / soda are always a winning combination of the perfect “dev food,” and everyone took very well to the stickers, shirts, camera tags and everything we handed out. Next event I will give out the USBs from MaidSafe Asia.

We think it will be great to have more of a formal lesson plan next time, because people said they like to come to events and listen for a while, with the more informal Q&A afterwards. So we will definitely have a lecture / lesson planned for the next event. We also might have our next event at their “42” programming university campus in Fremont, TBT. They seemed very interested and welcoming.

So we thank everyone (@maidsafe) who made this event possible, and it will only get better from here!


Many thanks for the update @whiteoutmashups and great work @hunterlester and @piluso. Looking forward to the next one!


Hey I threw together this pic

If you like it you can totally have the rights etc & add to the “Assets” page

Using it in our SF social media outreach pages