Meetup Malmö - Sweden, November 21, 5.30 PM - 8 PM

With a relatively short notice (~2 weeks) I’ve scheduled the first SAFENetwork Meetup in Malmö, Sweden.

I’m doing this as a community member, it’s something I have been planning before I started working for MaidSafe.

We’ll have to see how the turn out is, because currently none has RVSP:d. But I guess it’s not entirely a waste even if there’s no people, because it’s video recorded so I could go there to just get a recorded presentation :joy:

Anyway, there’s going to be free food and drinks (alcohol as well) and I’ll be doing an attempt at a meaningful introduction for both devs and non-devs.

The meetup is primarily directed towards new app-devs, but there’s been a lot of different kind of people signing up, requesting general info as well, so I will try to give them something this first meet at least.

If you plan to attend, you can signup here: Coding the New Internet: a Decentralised and Autonomous Network | Foo Café


Now you have the first participant :slight_smile:


Haha great Mijo :smile: it would seem we’ll meet before I do Stockholm then.

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So, can report that this went well in most aspects. Unfortunately the recording gear was not in place so we didn’t get any video of this.

The good news is that I think 10-12 people were there, almost all had some developer experience or related to IT. Out of these there were three woman, doing python, java and a bit solidity. Imagine 30% woman in this forum? That would be splendid.

At the end they asked me what would be a perfect step after this and I was very adamant and enthusiastic about everyone registering on the forum, so hopefully a few of them will show up.

I had great help from long timer (but fairly anonymous) community member @Mijo_Balic1 here on the forum, who was hard core and took the train down from Stockholm to attend. A very pleasant acquaintance, and as an experienced speaker on IT matters he gave me some valuable advice that I’ll take with me for next meetup. Thank you!

One of the guys, a very enthusiastic researcher, tried to register on the forum and said he tried several nicknames but all showed as taken. Not sure if they actually were or if there’s maybe some issue? @moderators, just in case something is off, letting you know.

I might be able to get some footage.
Anyway, it was a great audience and I really look forward to iterate on this and hopefully getting to workshop-stage, getting hands on and show how easy it could be to build apps or publish websites, which has been my aim all the time.


Yea there is some 8000 nicks taken, so most of the common, and “sexy” probably have been taken.

That’s exactly what I thought, but checking just in case you were/weren’t aware of some issue. :+1:

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Its an issue if he tries something like Bob2356789 and that didn’t work

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Also, there was a request for the slides from the participants, and so here it is:


I am the one who couldn’t register, but I did, after trying even improbable nicknames taht got rejected, the system accepted me as MindLAB_Space, that is the name of the initiative I am part of (we work on Internet of Brain). Has AI took over already?

Really glad of being here, and thankful for the existence of SafeNetwork.
(…and thanks for sharing the slides.)
MindLAB Space would like to build IoB on safenetwork. (and have some hints on the business model and revenue strategy to adopt)

Happy coding & enterprise to all!

Matteo Mazzanti co-founder
MindLAB Space ambassador
+46 728 68 15 16
He / him


Nice job @oetyng. I wish I could have been there. Normally just down the road, but I’m in Canada this year.


Nice. I hope there will be a Meetup close to Stockholm next.

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@mindlab_space, Matteo, great to see you here.
You have a very interesting and inspiring project going on there. From all that you explained to me I can see no better fit than SAFENetwork.
As you know, you’ll have to have some patience still, since we are still in development.

With regards to business model and revenue strategy to adopt, I advice you to consult the community. There is for sure a lot already discussed which can be found when searching, but creating new topics and presenting ideas and asking for concrete input is only welcomed, so don’t hesitate to to make use of this great community.

@dask, yeah I saw you mention before that you were moving abroad. Canada sounds nice, you have to tell me about that some day.

@Aster, I’m doing this in Stockholm as well. I have been a bit hesitant to book something this close to Christmas. But it’s the next one up for sure.


Am moving back to Lund next July. I will certainly look you up for a pint or two.


Hi Oetyng!
Thanks to be back on me.
… and yes, Safenetwork sounds a natural choice for the Internet of Brain project.

A decentralized and privacy-aware network is aimed by many (over 90% of humans probably) and there are communities that are working on it, with different strategies and architecture design. Safenetwork is one of them

I need to do some comparison and evaluation and present it to MindLAB BoD. Could you help me in making a list of such initiatives/decentralized-networks?
I just need the names/websites, then I will do my investigation about the characteristics that they implement.


Matteo Mazzanti co-founder
MindLAB Space ambassador
+46 728 68 15 16


So, there are: Sia, Storj, Noia, Filecoin, Arweave…
obviously none of them comes close to SAFE :dragon_face:


Another is Holochain.

@mindlab_space myself and many here would very much appreciate seeing the results of your comparisons of you are willing. We have our own impressions of SAFE and others, but can learn a lot from fresh eyes. And don’t hesitate to ask questions, or share your understanding along the way.