Testnet & Beyond 21 April 7pm Rise ProjectSAFE London

Continuing the discussion from Project SAFE: London:

The second ProjectSAFE LONDON of 2016 is coming up, Login to Meetup | Meetup

Will try and live stream if possible. There will be a Q&A with David Irvine, happy to take questions via the forum and ask them on the evening. Reply to this post.




Any news regarding a live stream?

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I would really like appear.in or google hangouts instead of skype if at all possible. I don’t use skype. It screws with too much on the computer and in linux it is a real pita to be honest. So if possible google hangouts may be better.

Also for questions, I have not been in the client API as much as I have in lower layers this last few months. So platforms, capabilities limitations as we move forward are all good. In terms of how do I create google or facebook on SAFE then the answers will be, several mechanisms can be used. Decorum shows some, SAFEpress others. Much of that will depend on how we implement the various structured data types via the RFC process.

So I will be more accurate with structural type things we need to satisfy, the differences in what we do compared with other projects and how they may interact if possible, future of maidsafe the company (if anyone is interested) and most importantly how we can get core dev more decentralised. We have tried a few ways and should continue, so here brainstorming ideas would be great as the network needs to see real deep growth across borders, in terms of development.


As a linux user too, I share the skype pain. I will use google hangouts.

All going well I will post the URL here, on meetup.com and twitter.

Looking forward to the event. Speak later. James


Yeah, would be great if this could be streamed live. It’s 20:00 CET isn’t it?


Yes, please post a link if its live streamed.

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I sure hope somebody is making sure this is being recorded. I don’t think I’m going to be able to catch this live.

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is there a live link to watch?

I have my tablet setup to record the event and will post a google hangouts url at 7pm UK time zone.

I am still learning the ropes on running this meetup and hope the community will help up when they arrive. I ll do my best.



Yay, you’re the man!


updated url



says video call is full

FYI, you’re inviting everyone to the actual hangout rather than posting a public link to watch the livestream. If you want to make a public livestream create an “on air” hangout and it will give you a youtube link to share.

edit. go here: Live stream on YouTube - YouTube Help


think this is public https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdaQjuofON_mkJgbWQfDw_1sP-hpbvWdTyK0eL25zpLYfMrpw?hl=en-GB&authuser=0

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Filled up pretty fast :slight_smile:


This is a link to join the call. like @ioptio said, there should be a way to share a public link to let people see the hangout instead of joining it. A YouTube live link.

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No, still a link to the actual hangout which has max capacity. If you want the livestream to be open to public, you need to do hangout on air and share the youtube link it gives you.


try this


Yes, that works. Thanks!