Project SAFE: Evolving the Internet for Secure Access For Everyone

Date and time: Sunday, October 5 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: @Bitcoin_Embassy (3485 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC)

Please RSVP on :smile:

We will watch a recording of a recent event organized by Project SAFE: San Francisco.

The event was produced by Rackspace and filmed at Geekdom San Francisco on September 23, 2014.

You are invited by the gift of enlightenment to know what Project SAFE is, and also how MaidSafe Technology is evolving “The Internet”.


6:30 PM Meet other SAFE Enthusiasts

7:00 PM We start watching the video

Everyone is encouraged to ask questions at any point. We will pause the video and take the time to answer the questions.

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Stay for networking


Best of luck with this, its amazing to see all this coming together. We need to get testnet2 going public ally (OK in house but some issues with virtual machines (digital ocean uses these), should be fixed any time now).

@dallyshalla and @ioptio did a fantastic job with the presentation, its all feeling really great now and I am delighted with the dev process as well. It seems like everything is converging, humbling times ahead. Well done folks amazing work I am gonna be buying some beers soon I think :smiley:


Lol, computer joke :wink:

(PS, DigitalOcean is AWESOME, I use them all the time. Great deals on Great service:)

Have to thank @culexevilman for the great intro;

@ioptio for going ahead with tackling the analogies about the intricacies about the network. Nice job with that !

This had been a first run for sure, and came out really good. I hope that this will serve to bridge the intricate complexities that MaidSafe Technology brings to the table, from our perspectives;


Here are a few photos from the meetup! I expected more people, but considering the fact that it was announced only two days before, I think the attendance is pretty good :smile: The reason I organized this meetup in the first place is because I wanted to watch the video and I figured I would invite others to join me and watch it on a big projector instead of a small laptop screen!

If you haven’t seen the video of the Geekdom event yet, I highly recommend taking the time to watch it :grinning:


I noticed the comment from @dallyshalla that the POD’s are ‘reviewing code’

Is that the current way the pods are working i.e they review the code for problems or efficiency and use it as a way of learning. Then later they start competing?

I hope so, that will be a huge help for sure. I suppose review would be the start of competing, small commits of errors should be as important as large commits of more functionality. Commits that remove code and increase functionality would be great. Improving core algorithms and types etc.

I think the pods are shaping up now and will get comfort form seeing the testnet working etc. It just makes it more real and investment of time less risky.

Plus the pods so far are really very cool people and the kind we really want competing with us and earning their core safecoin, I think we will show everyone that competition is an advanced form of collaboration with actual efficiency as opposed to who can best play some weird chess game of broken promises and lies to beat the other team :slight_smile:

In this way we promote not only some very cool ways to work technically, but a collaborative thing that even the bitcoin community has missed out on. We can show that finding the best way will mean how easily you can help and support competing implementations to achieve the fundamental goals. Progress is aided by dropping ego and unnatural ‘idea ownership’ nonsense. We have a chance to do exactly that.

Then people can only attack the idea/vision and not any company or person, makes progress more logical and more troll resistant etc.


Dude your parents must have been amazing,

I’ve never heard someone whose perspective is so deep and wise…

Where did this wisdom come from??

Seriously! I need to teach my kids that!


Project SAFE: POD #3