SAFE Network: London - Meetup

The London SAFE Network meetup is live and monthly, starting 29th Aug 2018. All are welcome and the event is free (sign-up in advance required by the venue).

As mentioned by @maidsafe in last week’s update we will have @dugcampbell and @pierrechevalier83 there to take us from from high to low level including a walk through PARSEC.

It will be a great opportunity to ask questions and get to know the project better, as well as meet other members of the community who may be developing applications and related side projects.

Sign up to the event here:

And find us on the day from 18:30 at Rise London


Can’t wait for this one down in the Big Smoke @opacey - thanks for organising everything! Looking forward to seeing a few old faces and hopefully meeting a few new ones :smile:


I can’t access the meetup webpage as it was redirecting me too many times :frowning_face:

@Charles-Johnson It’s working for me so just to check, is it this link that you’re having a problem with? Login to Meetup | Meetup

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That link worked. Thanks Dug


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening. The sign up list on meetup website closes at 18:00 sharp this afternoon.

Address details are in the invitation, but easiest way to get to Rise London is a short walk from Old Street or Liverpool Street tube stations.


Isn’t Rise only open until 6pm? How are we going to be let in the building?

We have given the names of everyone who RSVP’d so assume there will be someone there to let us all in

Hope it all goes smoothly…

For anyone who missed it you can now watch Pierre’s PARSEC presentation on YT. Thanks to @opacey and everyone at Cryptonomy for helping out! PARSEC; it's cool tech, yo! | SAFE Network: London Meetup - YouTube


That was a very interesting presentation and really well done.
Look forward to more descriptions like that.

I did wonder that for the future it might be interesting to see also descriptions of “What if…” - that is how the network responds in case that XYZ. For example I can’t imagine atm how it would respond to an isolation incident, where part of the network become split but still large enough to survive. I can only guess that for “normal” data it would have no impact on a rejoining but then safecoin might be a different kind of data. I don’t know if sections and XOR make that a trivial problem or not. That sort of simple resolved “in case that X occurs, the network does Y”, heading off of natural wondering by the skeptical mind, might be useful for engaging new users?

It seems the next was suggested as 11th September…


ahh so gutted i checked back on maidsafe one month too late. missed three events in london that just passed recently. im trying to keep up with as many crypto events as possible normally. will stay tuned. let me know if any help for the next event is required!


thanks it was lovely meeting a humble community! until next time!


Thanks to all those who came and helped promote the evening. It was a lot of fun and so cool that @JPL could demo his how-to make a website tutorial… complete with cat picture!

We covered lots of topoics including

  • privacy and the notion of a ‘login’
  • datamaps
  • whether existing web monopolies could re-dominate on the SAFENet
  • the tension between keeping the UX of SAFENet sufficiently distinct from the clearweb to prevent user confusion -vs- the need to keep barriers to adoption as low as possible.
  • …and much more

Thanks to @pierrechevalier83 for pointing out the significant implications of much of what we discussed.

Cant wait for the next.


Thanks again for organising @opacey! It was very nice to get to chat about the SAFE Network with everyone around a pint or two :smile: :beer: Looking forward to the next one.