The Digital Disappeared

Was just trying to envision what more Safe Network adoption would look like to the NSA and it’s kin. If mass adoption was to happen, it would appear to the NSA like people were just disappearing from the face of the un-safe web. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME! The last messages they might see in their collected data. “Hey check out this thing called the SAFE Network.” Gradually less and less traffic as things get ported over. AWESOME!


Google, Facebook and the like would be flipping out over disappearing ad revenue as well! THAT would be hilarious to watch!


If that happened there would be more news buzz for MAIDSafe than anything else we might be able to do (I’m changing the category to “marketing”).


Not so sure. Look how assiduously mainstream media avoids directly demonizing BitTorrent. They just talk about “pirating”. They don’t talk about the evils of torrenting.

I think the SAFE Network will be handled similarly. I don’t even think safecoin will be attacked openly for a long time, because it will just really drive adoption if it does.

But that’s all right. Grassroots are stronger.


In my opinion Tor was never meant to do what safe will do. There is this shades of grey associated to Tor. Safe will allow this same shades, but it’s not it’s purpose. I have no qualms about telling people that they can put their data somewhere no one can spy on it or mess with it.


It’s gunna be hard to attack SAFE when you consider the many benefits it will have for every size business. These assholes are likely to try banning systems like safe while rebranding it and using it for their own purposes. These fu#cking parasites disgust me. Wouldn’t be the first time they try to suppress a technology just to turn around and use it for their own selfish gain. :rage: !!!


gently eases pistol out of Bugs’ hands and backs away


He He Nice!! I’m good now. Just need another carrot and a smoke… :rage: :angry: :pensive: :expressionless: :neutral_face: :slightly_smiling: :relaxed: :innocent:


Twitter has already starting losing users, but a lot depends on how they count 'em too.

We shouldn’t underestimate the economics of the larger network (the Internet).
Just look how all decentralizer wannabes blog on Why? Well, because very few peope can be bothered to visit a normal Web site today and Google probably ranks larger sites better.

I suspect for a while a good practice will be to simply copy a static version of your site to SAFE, maybe once a week.

I noticed the same recently, I slowly unbank myself with Bitcoin. Even if it concerns only 1% of my transactions now, maybe I can make it 2% next year and when I retire I am 100% free.

  • I am disappearing slowly and it feels really empowering :slight_smile: