These Guys Are Creating A Whole New Internet Using Bitcoin (

Good article on Business Insider about Maidsafe “These Guys Are Creating A Whole New Internet Using Bitcoin And They Are Having Surprising Success”



All great and now we need the pods to get some notice on the community. Still too much with my name out there, this is way way bigger than a single person, we need to watch out here.

Early days yet, but a chap on twitter called us the 99% I kinda like that for many reasons.


I think we need to get some of our marketing gurus and get this to stick!

the 99% = MaidSafe


kind of the “Occupy” movement’s slogan though “We are the 99%”, also taken up by Anonymous along with"We are Legion", - we’re all part of the same general movement and zeitgeist though, so could tie it in somehow,

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Honestly, I’d stay away from the Occupy stuff. Being politically charged like that allows you to be pigeon-holed. Most people, in the US at least, think the Occupy movement was “cute.” And I live in a pretty hyper-liberal part of a hyper-liberal city.

MaidSafe shouldn’t be making political statements, although it can align itself with political concepts, but it should be ultimately making binary claims. Not philosophical ones.

I think we should move this to another thread, BUT, we should brainstorm the most consolidated form of what MaidSafe is. Elevator pitch kinda stuff. I understand what the potential is, and it’s hard to explain when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, but we should pinpoint exactly what feature most computer-users and non-technical users would find good about this product right out of the gate.