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Hello all,

First time poster. I’ve been lurking about reading the forums for a bit over a month now, seeing what the SAFE network’s all about, trying to pick up morsels of understanding here and there. I listened to some of John Ferguson’s podcasts and read most of the white paper / wiki. Also invested a bit when MAID coin was sitting ~ .00005 BTC, so I seemed to have bought in at just the right time. Seems like this is a robust community with lots of intelligent, free thinking people.

Anyway, on the topic of marketing, I wanted to see if the conventional name of what’s being developed here had been established, no questions asked. I understand MaidSafe is the business entity supporting development, and the name of the network is ‘SAFE’, but does anyone else find it a bit corny? I suppose names are only just that, but I think a project like this deserves a more apt name.

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Maybe a bit corny, but it says it: Secure Access For Everyone. Hard to beat.


Could always call it the MAID system (Massive Array of Internet Disks). Maidsafe as a whole is the company name. But maybe MAID can be used in more areas of The SAFE Network. The MAID Network? Would that be even cornier? (Is it corny to have the same word in languages meaning multiple things?) MADE SAFE? Massive Array of Disks Everywhere? Could always just be The Secure Network/Internet.

“The SAFE Internet.”

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It’s definitely not corny to have the same word meaning multiple things in one language, but I would call it poor language design.

Maybe we could call it NuNet, so we could be like, 'Hey Steve, you checked out that NuNu yet?" “It’s pretty dope.” or, “Sam, you on that NuNu?” “Lit huh?”.

Max did a really good job on this interview


A name defines a company. It has to be something primal - something that you can scream out during intercourse…

FWIW “MAIDSAFE”, although inaccurate as far as the community’s attempt to separate the nomenclature, isn’t so bad.

@tendertoes Just want to say welcome tendertoes and welcome to the forums. Hope you make yourself welcome and to see you posting around here more often. :smile: As for the name I find it cozy and too he point. Also it’s a nice pun so that works for me. It’s “made safe” Maidsafe. :smiley:


great question and name is important. What did you think of the name Google when you first heard it. Or Zerox? Or Kleenex?

Not sure if you’re familiar with how the acronym MAID (massive array of internet disks) plays off the well ingrained techno term RAID (redundant array of independent disks)?

But is MAIDSAFE the right choice? Is it the next Google? Will people say hey… MAID IT!

IMO its not corny at all.

I agree its time to establish the marketing machine and Team MAIDSAFE needs to hire some pros to give direction.

edit: MAID acronym


and of course, there will be irony as safe will invariably become a “pirate bay” type of storage which will not be “safe”. “safe network” is ok. but better off calling it a 2 syllable word or phrase that has no present english meaning. that’s always been the hallmark of success in naming.

also, what about the name of the coin… it cannot be the same name as the network. i think it must it be derived from it. ideally you have three syllables on the network (terradyne, terranet, yottanet, yuvanet) and two syllables on the coin (terras, yottas, yuvas). seems optimal, imo

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Good points. A ridiculous name ceases to be ridiculous when it’s in vogue. It’s all about the swag, really.

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I’m sort of this school of thought in that you want to come up with a name that doesn’t relate in any way to the thing that it does. Doesn’t really matter now, and when people ask how rich are you I’m just going to say I have 30,000 MAIDENS.


I admire your reasoning and ingenuity, but the Internet and the Web / world wide web seem to have done rather well don’t you think? :wink:

As much as I and some other have resisted it, I’m pretty sure that usage will evolve to “safenet” (especially if the url equivalent is “.safenet”), which all in all is not bad.

Aside from the acronym, which is very descriptive, safenet will be “safe”. One’s data will be safe by default; ones identity will be safe by default; one’s communications will be safe by default.


Perhaps it will endear itself in time :slight_smile:

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It has with many others, so far.:smiley:


Nu is well or so in Russian. So calling it NuNu would be like call it the so so network. :slightly_smiling: I like the name Safe myself but I don’t care what its called as long as it works.

Interesting perspective but no way jose! I love SAFE.

Does anyone ever look at the Poloniex troll box. The way they spin the use of Maid, Made, Maidness, Maiden etc is hilarious. :joy:

People having fun with the name is one of the things that will help with mass adoption IMO.