Possible MaidSafe Marketing Slogan? :)

I just had this idea,

and drew it up in paint.

I officially release it into the public domain, right now.

Feel free to use any part (or all) of it to help spread SAFE-ty!


Great one.

How about:

The SAFE Network – It’s just like MAGIC!


…or, MaidSafe: The Internet, Finally Made Safe.


Clever stuff. The marketing is already brilliant. SAFE coin. That is so incredibly fantastic. Name it what people want it to do. The couldn’t have done better by calling it confidence coin. It could prove to be the most brilliant naming convention in the history of the English language.

I hate to go on about this but from a NLP perspective everything people try to think of it, just to remember it or call it to memory, forces them to reinforce that its SAFE and currency is after nothing more than what people thing it is. This isn’t hitting the bulls eye with an arrow its hitting it with a Howitzer. It speaks to the clarity of the vision and that these people know exactly what they are and will produce something solid as an oak that will change stuff for the better irreversibly. Every time I think of it I see coins safely locked in a bank vault- a vault is a big safe.

This company rocks.

Its like something out of “Hero With A Thousand Faces.” Maybe what is needed is a mythology. I see the heroic. They are on a grail quest and they will slay dragons. This is a heroic group of good tempered fellows with good cheer on a quest. It nails the monomyth. But according to Campbell’s map they are addressing the macromyth or global myth.

And let me return to this. People are addicted to computer tech, and they love it at times, but they don’t necessarily trust it or even like it. Everyone one of us has had it lose a paper, and most of have been reduced to age 2 over it. And right now computer is really starting to threaten to take away our jobs, or scramble our account, or cause a loss of usable identity, or spy on us or allow even simple AI to get us etc. People want a safe haven in this computer invasion. SAFE implies the useful kind of enclosure where what we care about is preserved, instead of us experiencing lock out and being subjected to arbitrary demands. Its a dragon and there is something about Scotland- I think of it recent hairs breadth succession effort, but also of various heroic figures, including Hume, Maxwell, Smith and Wallace. There is a bit of a romantic Hollywood thing going too with castles, bag pipes, kilts, the Loch Ness Monster, Sean Connery and Brave Heart.


^this dude sure likes to talk, lol


Here is TLDR SAFE is the slogan with diamond clarity. What was made safe? The internet. What is a safe network: SAFEnet. What is a safe currency SAFEcoin.

I think there is an issue also with “decentralized” as a term. The net is presently decentralized but also still too centralized, whereas ProjectSAFE is distributed (yes decentralized) but getting closer to the situation where every node is directly connected to every node and increasingly going to run on hardware that is connected in a distributed fashion.

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This is brilliANT (Sweet Jesus, I’m seeing ants in everything nowadays).






It would be fun if you make a commercial with a comparison chart of the old internet vs Maidsafe.

Here’s another mischief marketing stunt:
Thor - Hammer = Tor. won’t keep you SAFE on the internet, but there is a SAFE internet. Mwhuahhahauahahhaa

Every time the old internet gets ripped apart, flush down we could just jump in and make another campaign about it.

Here’s another mischief marketing stunt:
So you’r in North America and somebody on the North pole is totally in control of your IOT devices? Well guess who is the IDIOT. Because those who run there IOT devices on Maidsafe are the PILOT.
Hmmmm talking about pilot, Nick looks pretty fly in this explanation vid


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“Finally a Decent ^Realized Internet” spelling mistakes in slogans could be a pain.

No it’s not a typo dude,

It’s a play on the word “Decentralized”


@warren’s post and the brilliant “Decentralized Internet” video made me see…

We ditched “SAFEnet” because it was in use, but maybe we can use “SAFEinternet” / “SAFE Internet” instead? Is it too generic? I think not, once “SAFE” becomes established.

I still personally like “SAFErnet”

Because it sounds like inteRnet but is safeR

:slight_smile: safeRnet


One thing I think we need to keep on doing is put the word SAFE before everything that can be put behind it. It’s something like the ‘Bit’ of Bitcoin; now you see Bitstamp, Bitinstant, Multibit and there are probably hundreds more.

So we’ll be seeing SAFEphone, SAFEwallet, SAFExchange and just like ‘Bit’ probably hundreds more :slight_smile:

@happybeing what word at this moment would you like to see replaced with ‘safeinternet’, ‘safe internet’ ?


@Melvin, good question. My immediate answer: “web”


@happybeing Ok, I thought you wanted to rename ‘SAFE Network’ with ‘Safe Internet’, but that doesn’t seem to be the case :smiley:.


@Melvin, I thought you were asking a different question.

Edit: I’m actually suggesting instead of Project SAFE, but being very unclear about it. Sorry! Am tired.


Ok it’s clear now :slight_smile:



Oh yes!

After all we had the internet and that was for forward thinking academics who were experts with Unix and could code in C and had a deep vision of the future. The web is when it became practical for the rest of us. As wonderful as SAFEnet would have been its gets lost in the .net phenomenon and SAFEmesh sounds like a material to make straight jackets out of.

And to pick around a bit, a spider web with its nominal center but concentric rings connected by spokes seems closer to fully connected mesh or maximimally distributed than it does to centralized star. No question the star or nominal center and spokes is pure centralization but those concentric rings nix all that and people probably envision dense messy webs anyways like webs of neurons which is getting closer to the dense saturated high horizontal communication idea we like.

Maybe we should promote Maidsafe as “The Internet for the Internet Of Things” and it hold truth because an IOT on the current internet is just a laughing stock.



@19eddyjohn75 yes and it seems the phone may still have a central role to play in that. It needs to somehow swallow all the current internet functionality and be at the core of the IOT.

The cloud could have amazing potential (note Google’s cardboard for stuff like VR, when coupled with Pcell type tech it would be at least wireless) but its the centralized model which we know won’t cut it. That means phones will have to absorb the network and increasing graphical processing capacity. This will be helped by stuff like Storedot’s battery tech but the point is there is plenty of room with SAFE and the need to continue to make local powerful and portable enough to continue to drive finances for phone makers and keep them motivated to innovate. We just need them to help us cut the cord with better versions of stuff like Apple’s multi peer or soft radio and LiFi.


Another couple slogan possibilities:

SafeCoin: The Petrodollar of Cyberspace.


SafeCoin: The Petrodollar of SAFEspace


The SAFE Network = Secure Access For Everyone:
Where YOUR choices rule your experience.
Where you share only what YOU wish to share.

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