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Hello, I was wondering whether there has been any update on the new marketing person starting (it was mentioned some threads ago that they were working off their notice period elsewhere).

An interesting thing I found when putting ‘Maidsafe’ into Google is that the slogan before you click through the website says ‘The New Decentralized Internet’ which is the coolest slogan ever and describes the project pretty accurately. However, once you click on the website another slogan appears ‘The World’s First autonomous Data Network’ which unfortunately isn’t anywhere near as cool and makes Maid sound like Storj and other Data storage projects.

I would also like to point out a pretty cool chart of crypto I saw on reddit ( which had Maidsafe under the ‘File Storage’ section. It seems that the perception people have is that Maidsafe is simply a storage solution and nothing else which is pretty far from the truth.

I guess to summarise it would be good to hear on when the new marketing person is starting and awesome if they could look into this and if the slogan on the main site was changed to ‘The New Decentralized Internet’ (just like as it appears on search engines). <3


The line below is from the October 19, 2017 Dev Update -


Sounds awesome! I skim read and must’ve missed it Maid definitely needs someone working on the marketing full time. No point leaving it all till launch because then there will only be a tiny spike before then and that will only lead to less adoption. People jumping on board and value gains will mainly occur over time imo


I agree for the most part, but marketing SAFE needs to be done ‘just right’. You don’t want it to be over- or underhyped at this stage. I do think that SAFE is under the radar just a tad too much, but maybe that’s for the better for now. Sure, you want the believers (like every last one of us on this forum) to stick around and support SAFE anyway they can. You don’t want SAFE to be overly criticised or praised by regular folk before it’s done.

I think of it (marketing SAFE) as a triple A console game, which normally takes years to make. Big publishers usually release gameplay footage and information when the game is in it’s last stages of development. That way, they can ‘steer’ the hype. Release a bit of this, release a bit of that, now show this, etc… Really plan and build the excitement with reliable content.
Showing your game too early will only result in people forming an opinion based on things that may or may not be in the final version of the game. They will love you, or hate you for it, or might even lose interest alltogether when you give them irregular shards of unconsistent information and footage over time.

If it’s coinprice you’re worried about, well…just think of this time as an opportunity to accumulate as much Maidsafecoin as possible with your spare money. I know I am…:wink:


Sarah should be on board by now…welcome Sarah. We are counting on you to drive us forward to become bigger than Bitcoin :slight_smile: No Pressure…


Geez poor old Sarah :wink:

Pretty sure the network will be the one that drives us all somewhere very special :new_moon:


^^ is way cooler and more descriptive than the decentralised slogan.


Just to confirm that @SarahPentland has now started and has spent much of her time this week reading, getting the lie of the land and generally suffering from information overload. You’re correct @Joe_Chiriaev that our message is inconsistent across channels and that is something we have already identified and will be addressing soon. I think in a lot of cases our ‘we’re not just storage’ message hasn’t registered as well as we would have liked and also to some extent the SAFE Network is something that is difficult to pigeon hole for those who like to categorise such things. You’ll be hearing more from Sarah soon.


I’ve always liked the idea of using the slogan “The Internet, Maid safe, for you” I feel like it captures the idea of what SAFE is going for. Plus it really presents a positive connotation of SAFE to the reader.

Welcome Sarah. Here’s to the start of a fantastic journey :+1:t2:


Good luck Sarah! Hope soon we get our message out with your help :+1:t2:


Hi all, thanks for the very warm welcome. It’s been a very busy first week trying to get my head round everything but I am looking forward to working with you all soon :grinning:


We feel your pain… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Sarah, I am working in marketing myself and am happy you joined the team. People with your background are crucial to adoption of the project.

David Irvine and his people are very smart people and some of the few who don’t only understand technical stuff, but also see things from a broader perspective. Success of the project in the end is achieved thru effective communication.

The majority of people first check our website and therefore it is crucial communication on the mainpage of the website has to be understandable for everyone.

I think the website needs editing in order to pass our message on to the crowd in understandable terms.

I wrote the post below to help make what Maidsafe does, more understandable.

I hope you take notice of that post and that it will help you in your efforts to get the Maidsafe word out!

Thanks and Good luck with everything :+1:t2:


Crypto investment community is one way to access mind share but its only scratching the surface for SAFE. Its interesting that “autonomous” escapes the grasp of current crypto investors yet they still invest. Could be wrong but short of developing a popular app, SAFE doesn’t look like the best fit for the get rich quick or speculator crowd. Seems like a perfect fit for people that want to personally use and benefit from what it can offer. Also it seems like a plausibly better way to do crypto currency came out of SAFE but its only an application almost like autonomous banking.

I agree with your analysis, Slow is fast … in building community and robust services such as decentralize the internet itself.

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