SafeAppStore Official Thread

After much deliberation, I announce the SafeAppStore code.

Due largely to months of inspiration and encouragement by Daniel Dabek @dallyshalla of SAFEx, I have agreed and began much work on implementing decentralized App Store frameworks for the SAFE Network.

The Potential Apps website series has prepared me for this somewhat, but has proven to be nothing compared to the work I have done in recent months, learning to create databses, dynamic backends and much more for my websites.

The available deliverables I have for you today include:

Major shoutouts to @dallyshalla, @Seneca, @happybeing, @we_advance and everyone else for their support and for taking the time to read the messages.

Very excited to bring a Decentralized Autonomous Application Market to the world, and to be standing behind the powerful team at MaidSafe.

Privacy, Security, Freedom!


Excellent Will, sorry I wasn’t able to help out more. This looks great and I hope to invest, but with such a small target I think I’ll need to be fast! Either way, I wish you the best of luck. :checkered_flag:


no problem at all thank you for the support! I’m sending you a PM with more details if you wish to change any information presented in the proof-of-concept.

Also, that POC is live and anyone (@Blindsite2k in mind:) can register and add their own apps to it in real time to test out the functionality of the SAFE Store so far!


I see you’ve stripped it down a lot. I’m liking model 1 and 3. 1 for it’s simplicity and 3 for it’s efficiency.

Am I to understand the site is functional at the moment? If I go to the trouble of registering and adding all my app ideas will it keep them alive? That is when the crowdsale happens and technical issues and crossovers happen will the data be preserved? Also I’m curious will app idea innovators be credited in safecoin and if they are how will they maintain their anonymity if they have their safecoin sent to an identity that’s tied to a known real life ID or IP address? In short how do you plan to ensure security on the clearnet?

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It is a proof-of-concept and not a site for people to claim ideas or rights to payment.

And yes the apps will be kept there but under moderation, as long as they are appropriate and serious displays of potential applications then they will be kept up. They may also be edited, with the most common edit being to the formatting of the pictures to align pleasantly with the website layout.

As for after SAFE Network launch, real life transactions will occur in safecoin and people can be able to earn real profits this way through selling their works.

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Did you intend for the “join our forum” link on the registration page to link to the Maidsafe or Discourse forum?

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On the sale page? it leads to my SAFE App Store forum, This one. The app store has a “join our forums” link to Maidsafe vs Discourse.

ok I see thank you for that, it was an old version of the link.

updated accordingly. Thank you!

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So people go onto the website and buy the apps you have listed on there?

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no it is just a clearnet proof-of-concept for the version that will go live on the SAFE Network and transact in safecoin.

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Great stuff mate, count me in… if I’m quick enough :confused:

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Just a thought here @whiteoutmashups but this app store could double as a content delivery system. I mean the basic building blocks are there. The same process is used for creating art is used for creating apps.


inspiring idea! It had occurred to me as well when I was thinking of adding categories to the design. This could then add filters and search fields so you could use it for different ideas, like yours


I may not be so good at code but I do do art. :wink: Pirates or no, having art in the same place you get your apps would help create an audience and following for any artist. It would also facilitate the interchange between app developers and content developers.


Jezus I’m really becoming a mememonster, but count me in bro. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you everybody for your supportive replies and PM’s, my inbox hasn’t ever been this full before!

If you want to get involved today I encourage you to create an account on our and post any questions there to get ready for when you join our governing committee, because that’s where you will be voting on issues and providing proof of your addresses to secure your SafeCoin income. So it would be good to get comfortable with the site.

And sorry for the late replies here, I was up all night finishing everything and just took a long nap to recover.


Just to be sure

You are not limiting yourself to the $7300 target, or are you

You are supplying coins (SASC). How are you dividing them up. x coins / $$ OR splitting them up proportionally according to the funds paid in the crowdsale?

Personally I feel this approach is a bit flawed. Any App marketplace on the “decentralized internet” should not be controlled by a central party IMO.

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Prior to the sale I will release the final numbers on the coins, in a Crowdsale Specifications document, but right now we are looking at 7.3 million Coins, with each dollar buying 1,000 SASC