Making websites for all SAFE Apps!

Hi everyone!

I’m halfway through making all my web pages for the SAFE Apps, CHECK IT OUT!!

Click on the logos to read @ em!! (only green ones in pic are clickable so far)


I get a 404 error when I click the link.

@happybeing I redid your page with your comments, let me know if I missed anything you wanted :slight_smile:

@dallyshalla I got the page up for SAFEx so lmk if I got it the way you want it. I’ll change whatever you want man

Here are some of the highlights:

WorkStuff - official MaidSafe app
SAFEbook - the next social network
SAFEx - World’s first decentralized p2p fiat/crypto/anything exchange
dUber - Decentralized Uber!! (check the design:)
SAFEmessages - encrypted chat, official MaidSafe team example app?
SAFE-med - #1 “Most Wanted Apps” app, free db of all medical knowledge
SAFEsex - complete relationship / hookup suite. Also could remove pimps
SAFEleaks - Wikileaks / whistleblower app. very important
COMMUNITY BUILT MMORPG - self explanitory :slight_smile: (not quite finished)

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Thanks! I just fixed it.

Could you try it again and let me know?

I just get a dir listing of css and jpegs.

They look good though :smiley:

Be nice when it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was right - it does look nice when it works :smile:

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Does it work yet?

I just made a few changes.

Sorry for this, getting things right with my server

(can’t wait for SAFE to solve this lol)

Looks good

on the SAFEmmo perhaps change the font color. The white gets lost in the light violet bits of the bkgd.

Oh and make SAFEPress bigger :laughing:

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I just tried a whole mess of colors for that font, but just can’t find anything that doesn’t throw the rest of the page off.

Maybe I’ll change the background picture so it meshes better

yeah I just took the SAFEpress logo from his website, without any mods. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I was away. Yes, it works. Looks great! I’m still exploring.

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Neither are biggies, I’m just in nit-picking mode.

Its a great central resource where each project can eventually link.

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Great! I appreciate all input! no matter how many changes I need to make! :smiley:

Exactly what I wanted, just a place where people can see the possibilities ahead, and to help communities form around the different ideas

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no, totally dude I want to hear it all, and this is what I got in the works for the SAFEpress idea so far:

It’s a larger size so it should help with visibility?

@happybeing ?


I put it on Trello

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Thrilling just to see these ideas materialize in this form.

Will, I can hardly wait to see the rest, and where people take each idea from here.

I especially like the treatment of those apps that already do have real action, like SAFEx and SAFEpress. Don’t see N99 on the list, though.


Thanks a million! It is extremely exciting work! :smiley:

OMG i can’t believe I forgot, I’ve already read all up on it and heard the podcast with the creator I can’t believe I didn’t put it! I must have thought of it more as a movement than an app IDK but I’m getting on it ASAP!!

You should talk to Tim and see what he would like for you to put up in terms of logo.

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maybe name this site SAFEAppCentral?


hahaha - you are my hero :smiley:

very cool!
but don’t get too excited :open_mouth: i’m pretty sure the developers of these apps will have some pretty specific ideads how their website should look like … so maybe your design will not last forever :-\
On the other hand they didn’t make sites in the first place :smiley: so they maybe should talk to you directly and maybe show you their designs so you can figure out a way how this will evolve :smile:

all in all i like the idea of having a website with the app pics just floating around and you can click them to see whats inside =) cool idea!!! (way less formal and more appealing to me than a list)

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Your url shortener requires me to allow javascript from :frowning:
Ethically, I cannot oblige.
Can someone paste the actual url please? :slight_smile:

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Lol OK IDK what that means but I got the link:

I just used it because the link is like 5 pages long lol

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