All the active Apps for the SAFE Network

SAFE Demo App
created by: MaidSafe
Download link

This is the first app created by MaidSafe to show several features of the network. It allows people to up- and download personal and private data. It allows the registration of a “Public ID” on the network using the DNS (Decentralised Name Service). If you want to use the SAFE Network, this is a must have!

SAFE Beaker Browser
created by: @joshuef
Download link

The SAFE Beaker Browser is your entrance to all websites and webapps on SAFE. It won’t connect you to clearnet (the good old internet ) as http and https are blocked.

SAFE Mail App
created by: MaidSafe
Download link

The SAFE Mail app does exactly what you expect it to do. It allows you to send and receive mail over the SAFE Network in a fully end-to-end encrypted way. Notice this app doesn’t support the common emails on clearnet (the old internet). It’s build from scratch with privacy, security and freedom in mind.

created by: @whiteoutmashups
Demo link

SAFE-FS (SAFE Filesystem) aims to become the first-to-market and most widespread manager for public files & search on SAFE, while being as sleek and user-friendly as possible

My Favorite Drink
created by: @happybeing
Demo link

This is a simple remoteStorage.js demo App live on the alpha 1 network. It’s very simple: let’s you create and edit a list of your favourite drinks. It will work without being connected to SAFEnetwork, but once you connect, your list will automatically be stored on your SAFE drive.

Created by: @DavidMtl
Demo link

SafeEditor (alpha network) is a safesite that allows you to edit your Safe APP files directly from your browser (tested in Chrome and Firefox).

Safenote v1.0
created by: @DavidMtl
Demo link

Safenote is an extension for the Chrome browser. It allows you to write a note for the URL you are currently viewing and save it on Safe. All notes are saved on Safe so using Safenote on another computer allows you to share the notes between them.

SAFE App Store
Created by: @whiteoutmashups
Demo link (Safesite)

It’s all in the title! Apps for SAFE. Have a look (need the Launcher to be running). There’s a topic on the forum as well for more information.

To run these Apps you need to have the SAFE Launcher running. That’s the main entrance to the SAFE Network.

This topic is updated on a regular basis, PM me if you have an active App or miss something


This is NOT a APP, only for the hardworking APP builders.


Have fun.



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