DevUpdate :safe: Monday 19/1/2015

Hi all,

Here’s this week update on our progress. Last week we started properly with MPID messaging and that continues this week ! The SAFE launcher and routing_v2 are the two other main items that keeps your MaidSafe team busy !

We’ll be back soon with a new update, read Monday’s transcript here: Transcript Monday 19 January 2015


Great, completion of test net 2 is going to be amazing! The feature list is getting impressive already.

I’m also happy to see that the decentralized exchange SafeEx will apparently feature Bitcoin support from the beginning. I haven’t read about it much yet, but a proper decentralized exchange would to make it so much easier and safer for people to trade SafeCoins for blockchain crypto-currencies!


Looking great, this is really exciting.

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This appears to be the best list yet. I too was very excited about several of features already being addressed.

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“Safe launcher”… That sounds even more exiting than Elon Musk talking about launching a rocket to the ISS and landing a part on a platform in the ocean :wink:


I was pleasantly surprised to see a mention of Bitcoin, in the transcript.

“Daniel (+) - Working with Bitcoin - Coreintegrating Bitcoin Wallet with GUI of safex (QT5)”

Are you planning on having an import button to convert MaidSafeCoins (stored in the bitcoin wallet) into SafeCoin right from the launcher? Or is this integration for later use in the network? (Such as an exchange or tipping mechanism.)

That’s a good idea, after I’ve completed adding the Bitcoin wallet, I may look into integrating MaidSafeCoin wallet as well;


I like that!

nice work

Thanks for showing us a screenshot! The GUI is a little confusing, but of course, I’m sure that looks come second. Are you working on a distributed btc/safecoin exchange for maidsafe?

Yes, the Safe Ex is mostly a bridge between safecoins and bitcoins so that safecoins could tap into the bitcoin liquidity and payment processing backbones that exist today;

This is for the safe network, I hope you will like the ;finished; product; and especially the SAFE Network from MaidSafe :star:


Any update from yesterday?


Yes! Sorry my bad, my nights have been filled with discussions with @erick this week, so @Ross has picked up my slack! I’ll publish it later today.


I just assumed everyone still hung-over from recent festivities. For the International users not familiar with Scottish Tradition, there’s a night once a year dedicated to celebrating an icon of Scottish Cultural Heritage – the Bard of Scotland I believe they call him….not sure but I think it’s called “Jimmy Krankie” night.

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@dalylshalla I was just curious if there would be plans to add more complex trading options to the exchange such as digital currency pairs, the use of leverage/margin, options on coins,etc…or possibly integration to third party software/brokers such as metatrader, etc…or would features like this be left to the app builders and third parties?


That’s a great question, I’m committed to delivering at least industry standards for exchanges, and SAFEX should/could work with existing trading software, though I don’t expect it to since I’ll be adding blockchain elements to the protocol for doing cross chain and safecoin trades. This just means existing brokers could ignore trades dealing with blockchains or embrace the new features.

I intend to keep expanding safex based on the requirements of the people, the user interface and features are constantly expanding, I hope to reach as many participants as possible and get everybody on a secured third party less exchange