Our SAFE Apps site is 100% DONE!


Every logo is clickable now! They all have their own webpages now!!

Was lots of work but I felt we needed this to start exploring SAFE ideas!
Read all the awesome new pages plz! :smiley:

I wanted to make it all open source too just like MaidSafe does so here’s the source files I made! Feel free to edit and make your own sites / add pages with it! So here’s a link to a zip of the whole site, and here’s a link on how to host HTML sites for free on Google Drive when you’re done making changes!

Lets get discussions going on the apps! That’s how inspiration and development starts :slight_smile:

Like, what do you think of:


Awesome site, good job. Though I notice you didn’t give me credit for my post on the MMO thread. Yes you first mentioned it but I filled it out for you (including the part about being paid to create stuff). Also I believe I’m the one that came up with the SAFEsex app idea lol. (And people didn’t think much of it at the time lol).

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Oh snap my bad I’ll change that right now, it was such a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue: you’re totally right

Oh OK thanks I was looking for who to credit with that one, it’s a cool one and pretty out there so I had to put it :smiley: should I just tag you as Blindsite2k?

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This is really cool, Will. It gives us all a bit more of a picture how things may evolve, and actually gives devs some directions to strike for.

Nice job.


Project SAFE or bust!!


Sure since you seem to be tagging most people by their handles. You also might want to check out a few of the other ideas for apps I posted on the thread there lol. I contributed quite a few of them.

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Yeah dude I guess I was just doing most of this site by memory, but I tried to do mostly every app idea that was written out in detail.

Hey if you have some in mind lmk I’ll add em in

Well I was hoping to have my own personal Jarvis app at some point tho THAT will take some work. Also I believe you mentioned some app that was similar to “HER”. So perhaps the two projects could be combined. I’ll have to have a run down through MWA thread.

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I hereby nominate @whiteoutmashups as our official SAFE APP Mascot, or whatever appropriate title he prefers.

Like it!
Love it!
Let’s build it!


It’s my dream come true!! :smile:
For real! I love apps!!!
Mappscot!! …wait… That’s no good… Hmm

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Here’s one. (yes it got post AND quoted but I don’t know if it made the like list).

You also might want to see post #56

Also you might want to take a look at post #84 for my openrent, backpacking and software management app suggestion.

Post #112 would be about exchanging gaming currencies for crypto tho that might get covered by safex.

Post #115 was about supporting Children, parents and families. I even started a whole thread for that one.

Post #127 was about autonomous vehicles and storing your car’s data on the safe network.

I’m also the one that suggested PopcornTime be ported lol and Duolingo.

Post #163 is on open hardware prototyping.

Post #167 I suggest a SAFE online decentralized recipie book. :smile:

At post #168 I suggest SAFEauction as a replacement of ebay and such which got 3 likes. I also suggestes SAFEbarter and SAFEstore.

Also Im the one that suggested a decentralized and customized UI.

Post #173 incidently is where I talk about SAFEDate and SAFEsex. :smile:

Post #179 deals with an escrow service idea i had.

My linquistic app idea was on post #191.

Post #247 dealt with a personalized donation project app.

Post #264 was about adaptive antivirus software.

Post #266 was about having a drawing app.

Post #277 was about epic singe player gaming and the potential for map and data sharing on SAFE.

Post #306 was about a financial suite port.

Post #333 I suggest an app for watching cops, reporting and logging their behaviors to prevent and stop corruption and abuse.

Post #341 I suggested we create our own augmented reality suite. And yes I got a like for that.

Post #360 I suggested we develop a database of everyone the police have abused and killed. And I also suggested a humline app. :smile:

Post #382 Fairy Tail Job Board app idea.

I think there’s probably more but I’d have to start from the beginning.

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One already exists. Query google for “Jarvis pc”. Plug it into SAFE and your good. Then show some love and pass it on. :wink: Come to think of it, this community would be perfect to create something of the sort. Imagine, first SAFE, then a personal virtual assistant for all. Now that would be a killer app! If coupled with SAFE and made intuitively. it could impress upon people a sense of true advancement in the technological space. Microphones have become ubiquitous with sensitivity high enough to clearly pickup commands even if somewhat muffled. Authentication could also be partly handled with voice input.


Looks good! One thing though. It’s a bit crowded. Some apps like safelink looked embedded into other pics. Some lines of separation and a new organization scheme might be worth considering. All in all, you definitely earned your position as a contributor. You waste no time. :smile:

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The thing with a Jarvis (or Cortana - Halo reference not Microsoft) is that is that it would store a lot of your personal data. Even the voice recognition alone is not something you want just anyone having their hands on. Therefore integration with SAFE is something VERY important as it allows for security and privacy of one’s personal and very intimate information.


Yeah the formatting got super messed up, and I’m not near my “Ubuntop” so I can’t fix it right now but it’ll be an easy once I’m back.

This is how it’s supposed to look:

plays drumroll and waits with baited breath for @whiteoutmashups presentation

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Lol wtf the photo didn’t upload?

OK I’ll try again:

See that’s the correct formatting; it’s working on mobile but I gotta fix the desktop version I guess.

Is that good enough or did you mean add more spaces etc. to this version too? I can play around with it.


Safelink, safe OS, safe starter, and safe drive still don’t stand out well. The first 3 don’t stand out very well. The last looks merged with safefeed. Sorry for nitpicking. Keep it up.

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Looking at it again, and SAFEos could definitely go between drive&feed. 2 birds one stone :slight_smile:

And I hear you about the others. Some are just smaller than others but I’ll change em around.

Overall the whole site could be much more professional, and leaves alot to be desired. But me and @dallyshalla will do some things on it today and this week :slight_smile: this could turn into something petty cool

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You know what could help make them stand out more? Add contrasting borders around them. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple box with the right high contrast colour. (Of course you could always take your time and make it look fancy but it doesn’t have to be.) I mean you don’t NEED borders but if you’re trying to make a bunch stand out in contrast to one another such things could help.

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