Start promoting SAFE Network over MaidSafe?

Very happy today to see the pictures of the MaidSafe asia tour, good attendence, looks professional and well-organized!

But wondering about one thing: why is MaidSafe (the company) on all the banners and not the SAFE Network? At this point we’re not promoting the company but rather the network, or did I get this wrong?

Not that I wanna push you guys out of the limelight but I thought the plan was that MaidSafe will melt more and more into the background (at least in terms of visibility) and the Network, that is the actual product, will take center-stage.

Maybe now would be the time to slowly start that transition?


It is us promoting the SAFE network, so there are a few companies there and all promoting the SAFE network. In Asia in particular folk really like to see faces and execs etc. The speeches if they are on line will show us speaking about what we built and are promoting devs to work on which is the SAFE network. So like any company we promote our product, in our case the product is not ours though :slight_smile: It’s SAFE and it’s promoted as free to join, free to develop with (friction-less API use with no sign up and also no infrastructure costs etc).

We also spoke of competing with maidsafe in core development and being helped to do so. I think this really does need highlighted though and seen through. Otherwise we stay in the background and stay as only core team, which would be wrong.


I do like the sound of that! :smiley: