FYI... The SAFE network is not called safenet or SAFEnet

The founders and others can correct me if I am out of line, but I have seen way too many folks referring to the The Safe Network as safenet or SAFEnet, we cannot use this name as it belongs to another already established and well known company, see their website here:

Please refrain from using this incorrect nomenclature, we want to spread the word about The SAFE Network correctly, and don’t want to draw any negative press or attention should the real Safenet company file a cease and desist or take some other form of legal action.

As it stands, “The SAFE Network” is actually already a slightly used name, perhaps we need a new SAFER :wink: name for the network, feel free to comment or add suggestions.

A few suggestions to get the ball rolling:
The MAID SAFE Network
The SAFEST Network
Uber SAFE Net

Or perhaps a new style altogether:
Our Net or Our Network
True Net or The True Network
Ant Net or The Ant Network
The Net (yes I saw the movie)
World Net
Earth Net

Talk amongst yourselves.

This has been discussed before, “Project Safe” will be the name.

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Apparently the tiny has been undisturbed…

Safenet Inc. got acquired - with a little luck maybe the name will be gradually “deemphasized”.

That’s name for the network? The Project Safe Network?

Yes, there’s a thread somewhere which reached this decision.

The SAFERnet!!!

Instead of the INTERnet!!!

Secure Access For Everyone on Reliable Nodes Ethically Tethered!

Lol just off the top of my head. Idk.

Words develop organically.

Can’t stop it. A name will arise as needed.

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I agree, it doesn’t matter what we call it because people will use a diminutive…my guess is either just Safe or Safenet.

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I’ve been using Project Safe to reference the global effort/community, safe network as the protocol and maidsafe as the company.

I wasn’t aware people were referring to the protocol as project safe too. Hmm