Thoughts about MAID from a fan of MaidSafe

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I kinda don’t think we need to have a post here for every reddit post

if we want reddit, we go to reddit.

The bridge to r/MaidSafe was a very good idea tho

This depends on your aims. If you want short term max exposure I agree.

If you want to differentiate the SAFEnetwork and MaidSafe brands, and to build the SAFEnetwork brand I think its best to push that and play MaidSafe’s reddit down until the buzz is with SAFEnetwork.


Because a significant proportion of the market is more familiar with the Maidsafe branding, I think it makes sense to cross-pollinate. Rebranding is an expensive proposition (to the tune of 10-20% of a marketing budget). At this point, I think such marketing dollars would be better spent increasing convenient access to Maid (I.e., strategic partnerships, new exchange listings, awareness campaigns, better storage solutions, etc.). When it comes time for the network and Safecoin to launch, the matter of differentiating between Maidsafe and SAFEnet should be revisited, I think.


I disagree, I think it’s a good idea to post Reddit posts. It reminds us all to keep active there. I know without links I could quite easily slip back into Reddit black hole and just keep spending all my time here.



There is no publicly available SafeNetwork yet, we should probably wait until the name is recognised because it is a thing people can use. Pre marketing it would be an uphill struggle. MaidSafe is a thing now and through them they can learn what Safe Network will be… imho anyway.

me too

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Maybe a single topic for reddit cross posts rather than a topic per post? Thoughts @riddim?


Sounds like a great solution

Hmmm I’m working on a real reddit bridge right now where people might be able to communicate back /forth between here and reddit (only for topics opened at reddit)

An idea @frabrunelle came up with was to create a dedicated category ‘reddit’ and to moderate which topics get synced (and exclude all redirectd to the forum anyway)

So we’d need a dedicated topic per reddit submission but it would be fewer topics than now and those topics would be auto-closed after a week

… I will probably need one or two more days to have it up and running… Then we would see how smooth the connection works and I would create accounts on reddit here with reasonable names so everyone knows what’s going on

Any thoughts?


Only that this is in capable hands :slight_smile: