Worried about the "rebranding", anyone else?

First, why even rebrand, we might ask. The only reason I can possibly guess is because the project has run so long and is associated with “vaporware” or “missing release dates” ??

Just seems like very weak points to base a rebrand on.

More importantly, if we are following what the ‘dumb’ masses need to see to get some interest in your brand… What else is a more standard, positive sounding word than “safe”… seriously what is the new name going to be that could possibly beat that?

And I know no one wants to be the sour apple, but I will immediatly go there are say it:

It would be really dirty if the rebrand is simply to act like a money pump, as the standard and obvious to anyone practice for marketers is to bring about a new “word/name/brand” and just woot and hollar (create hype… and hence try to pull in the money) Which… ok… you need money to continue everything, the company, development, and all… but I know I’m far from alone in feeling dirty when that tactic is used
But alright it turned into a rant…

So then, considering my flailing points, what are the community thoughts?


We’ve already seen the ticker for the token taken by another company, and the Safe name.

Its pretty much essential to rebrand to differentiate and be able to have a ticker reflecting the name of the network


I mean… so some scammers took the same name…

So we rebrand to “Doogle” and another group take the same name again…

I don’t see any real reason or logic here.

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Just seems like very weak points to base a rebrand on.

I dont, its valid points imo, we have new ceo, so people could count that there will be changes or another aproach, also old bitcoiners think maidsafe is complex because they dont checking news uptades, so I think its more chance they could check again after rebrand.


If people who knew about maidsafe and the network thought it was complicated while being named “The Safe Network” how does simply changing its name do anything?

So those people come back and say “Oh now this [Not the Safe Network] looks exactly as complicated as before, bye.”

Just calling out the logic, not trying to sound like it’s just attacks. Just say it out loud and think does that actually make sense.

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I think rebranding is great idea and very necessary too.

My main reasoning on is that there has been so much varied information about the technology over the years, and almost all of it is outdated. It’s much easier to get the right message out with a new brand, than to correct all the misconceptions related to the current one.


But it seems you also discount other valid logic as nothing.

With the rebranding there are a number of pros and cons. Both sets of logic are valid here. But with the name already taken then rebranding is needed.

Imagine if Apple name was taken by another computer company while the pair were still getting ready to start selling under a company. Would they just go with Apple and risk challenges to their use of Apple as their computer business name when another computer company had it.

Well since another crypto style company has taken the branding & ticker then its makes real sense to rebrand. And that is on top of the other pros and cons

EDIT: Also this rebrand has been mentioned quite a while ago, so don’t be surprised that some are not phased or taken unawares by the announcement in the roadmap


I’ve proposed rebranding in the past, so even aside from the name disambiguation with scammy tokens, I’m totally on board with rebranding now.

Safe or Safe Network is not a good name marketing wise. And we need to bring people on board at launch. If we languish as a tiny network we will fail.

Makes perfect sense to make the change before launch as if we try to switch to a better name post-launch it’d be much more trouble.


This doesn’t address anything I said:

MAID had the ticker first.
Scammers come along and use the same ticker.
So we rebrand: now we’re “Doogle”
Scammers come along and use the same ticker.

Do we rebrand eternally while this happens?

I just can’t imagine how any word is better for marketing than Safe.

If you had to pick 5 words or terms for the rebrand what would they be?

Cannot reserve a ticker with exchanges or some central authority as Jim said the other day So item 1 is doesn’t work.
They were not scammers but had a product that it works with (see my what would happen if Apple was taken by another computer company)

Rebranding before a product is released is not uncommon.


In terms of marketing even “Danger-Net” would be far better in terms of attracting initial attention. And that’s what we need. The network itself, once people learn about it is what will keep them on board.

It’s that initial hook that will bring the masses to the network.



Many projects have code names which change on release. It injects new energy and illustrates a step change in progress.

Obviously, results need to follow the rebrand, but the latter feels like a positive step


im kinda worried/exited about the rebrand too. tbh i always thought this was close to perfect:

SafeNet / SafeNetwork = the network
SafeCoin = currency of the network
MaidSafe = company developing the network

so i’m having a hard time imagining something better… but i’m open for a positive surprise…


To be honest, I have always felt the Safe Network being like a double edged sword. I think that on a population level this network will be safer than the current internet, but for the individual there is also a lot of responsibility and sort of “danger” baked in. Lose your keys, and no one can help. Publish something, and it’s there forever. Someone steals your coins, and they cannot be traced…

For this reason, the name “Safe Network” could easily turn into mockery - because it’s not The Pampering Network, that you might think from the name.

Also, from the marketing point of view, it is not very exciting.

What I did like though is the acronym, Secure Acsess For Everyone. That’s great!


With multisig this is recoverable. You can use many sources/machines/friends to get your key back or at least access.


But it is still up to you to make necessary arrangements for that, no?


Yes, but we default to BLS which allows you to do that.


Not worried at all. Even if I won’t like the rebranding, I still fully support it.
IMO it’s the only path forward. A rebranding gives new energy, internally and externally, and that’s exactly what’s needed right now. It signals a clear turning point.


I feel the Bezos rule works here.
agree or disagree BUT Commit and this is a good rule.