SAFE cafe #4 Thursday 7 August 8pm BST

Tune into the SAFE cafe Thursday here: SAFE cafe #4 will be hosted by @dllasoff & co-host @we_advance . We’ll be talking about the revolutionary impact that the SAFE Network will have upon the world of digital art and the artists who create beautiful and meaningful films or music. We’ll be exploring the what and the why and the way forward to creating killer apps like Network99 and Studio99. We’ll also be talking with @chadrickm about the important ideas surrounding the new, intelligent and fair structure of the Open Value Network (OVN) and how such a naturalistic tool for self-aggregation fosters the creation and maintenance of a wise crowd. Join us and be part of the conversation and an extended community of folks who “get it” about MaidSafe and have decided to become pioneer-adopters of the SAFE Network.


My cousin passed away this past weekend and they are holding the funeral on Thursday so I won’t be able to make this episode after all. I’ll watch it later though and am very excited to hear the discussions about OVNs and how the SAFE Network will help artists.

Sorry to hear about your cousin, bro…no worries.

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Excited to hear this episode. The arts is my jam.

@chadrickm sorry to hear about your cousin.


Russell, @chadrickm says I should ask you to be on the show. You’re welcome to…just email me at if you want to appear as a “talking head” if you can Google hangout. If you don’t have a google account yet, they’re free of course. Once you’re set, we should do a private hangout first and I’ll tell you some stuff and also send you the special link to appear. It’s up to you but we’d love to have you.

If I’m doing my math right, that’ll be 2pm PST, correct?

I’m going to be smack dab in the middle of a color timing session today, unfortunately. I’d love to be on eventually though and chat about new methods of art monetization and distribution, though.

Sounds good! Get hold of me and we can talk about that. You might want to go to my blog and read two articles I wrote on this very thing. One is called Network99 and the other is called Studio99. Talk to you soon.