The SAFE cafe is now interactive! Next broadcast: 29 July 10pm EDT

Hey everyone,

The SAFE cafe is now interactive. We’ll be alternating broadcasts to make it easy for people to tune in during their prime times in America and England/Scotland. Tuesday night, 29 July 9pm EDT (America; east coast), we broadcast SAFE cafe #2. Even numbered broadcasts will keep this schedule for America. SAFE cafe #3 will broadcast 7pm BST. Odd numbered broadcasts will keep this schedule for England/Scotland. I will inform everyone of dates here for each broadcast. I will also be tweeting these. You can follow me at @DavidLasoff if you want.

Also, if you want to appear and be one of the “talking heads” on a broadcast, please email me directly at: I’ve really enjoyed learning and reading from all of you on the forum. Thank you @David for what you’ve given us. You are a real pioneer and a mensch, as we say in Israel!

So, anyone can come on. I just ask that we spend some time together first on our own private Google hangout or skype call to get to know one another before your scheduled appearance. My skypename is: david.lasoff1

The big picture w/ the SAFE cafe is that it’s a relationship building tool that also informs that also incites people to take action, to “own” the SAFE Network like we have done so. It’s time for people to get ready to get themselves free, to get their privacy back and to have security in their personal and business affairs. It’s time to get ready to farm for SafeCoin and to build apps for the SAFE Network. It’s time to build the HUMAN half of the SAFE Network. The SAFE cafe is all about facilitating this process and reporting on what’s going on with folks who are the pioneers and earliest adopters of the SAFE Network. It’s a way for us to build our relationships now so that we combine our strengths for the launch of the beta whenever it’s ready. And, it gives us something intelligent to do while we wait during this pre-launch season.

I don’t have all the answers or very many of them but I do think we can do more to get ready. So, come and join with us. Bring your favorite cup of Joe and kick back w/ us in the SAFE cafe!

It’s probably better that the conversations are more “medium brow” than the “high brow” technical stuff that goes on here on the forum. We want to attract earliest adopters who are not necessarily technical. We all need to learn how to communicate the benefits of the SAFE Network to ordinary folks who are not OSS programmers. So, keep this in mind.

The forum is the RIGHT place for highly technical discussions where writing is the best way to communicate ideas.

The SAFE cafe is an informal place. It’s a place for us to make friends of one another, not just be a name we see on a blog post. It’s time for us who are the earliest adopters to come out of the shadows and know each other. I realize that some will NOT want to do this. That’s fine. I’m only trying to reach out to those who DO.

The SAFE cafe can also be watched without participating. I will post the link each time I announce the cafe’s broadcast: Here’s the link to watch SAFE cafe #2:

Also, if you miss any broadcast and want to watch it, here’s the YouTube link which will become active right after we stop broadcasting: SAFE Cafe #2 - YouTube

That’s about it. Thanks for supporting the SAFE cafe. Like the SAFE Network, it’s yours too!



Heee Wow cool idea SAFECAFE what a cool brand

I don’t really got the microphone or camera, but if I don’t get drunk in another Cafe I will join tommorow. Cheers



Hi @dllasoff I’m sorry to sound like a boring… But it’s still like 3 hours before you begin… Over here (Netherlands it’s 12:42 @night) I’m sleepy and tired, i miscalculated the time :frowning:

Sorry I can’t join sleep sleep sleep
But i left behind graffiti


Thanks, we’ll be doing it again Scotland time next! Stay tuned!

Hey @dllasoff, Google Plus URL is down, it seems.

Well that was fun.

I listened to it as I wrapped up at work, then I plugged it into my car and listened on the way home. Technology still blows my mind.

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Here is the TED Talk I mentioned on the air. Be prepared to cry like a baby :wink:
FYI: If you grow a beard you can hide your tears pretty well.


The more I learn the more my mind is blown also! It’s so cool how this works and how simply we can get together to create amazing apps for the SAFE Network with the skill sets we possess right now! I’m looking forward to watch and participate in the unfolding of this too-exciting-for-words story! Thanks for supporting the SAFE cafe!

Yes, I cried! It’s too inspirational for words! Thanks, @chadrickm!

Possible to throw the broadcasts on iTunes podcast for audio listeners?? Hint hint nudge nudge

Ps I really enjoy your blog :wink:

If you help me do it, I have no objections whatsoever as long as it doesn’t cost us anything.

Thanks, Nigel! Appreciate your support.

I’ll have to look into it I do have a mac and there is a podcast app so should be free I’ll just have to download strip video and post I think. And my pleasure to support!

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powerful edition of safecafe last night - anyone interested in building the 99network then please contact me I have many ideas very little knowledge of coding app dev etc - have the concept need the wise intelligence to create this concept
this is my node mind map as seen in SAFECAFE#2 j
@weadadvanceleeds <<twitter


I must say, you draw very nice mind maps! :smile:

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