SAFE cafe #10: The Creative Decentralized Future w/ Filmmaker Ryan Martin, Sunday 7pm BST

Join @we_advance and special guest, Ryan Martin, US rapper turned filmmaker to discuss his movie ‘Bad Ideas’ and the coming decentralized future. Artists & musicians play a huge role ushering in this new era. We’ll also be chatting up the progress that the BlueCollar Crew (BCC) are making. BCC are one of the first geo-diverse (working on 3 continents), publicly-visible, independent dev teams dedicated to creating apps exclusively for the SAFE Network. The BCC’s premiere project, Network99 is already starting to take shape and hopes to eventually give iTunes a run for their money as musicians and content providers will earn 99% of their own app channel-generated income. Watch the SAFE cafe LIVE this Sunday and every Sunday at 7pm BST!

If you have a Chrome browser, you can join the hangout on Google+ to watch LIVE and also to text questions or comments in to the show. Here’s the link:

If you just want to watch LIVE, you can also watch it on YouTube:

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So you have no programming experience, you make a project like network99, expect people to work for/with you and take alot of the credit and maybe profits. And let me guess you will be the manager, or the spokesman or some bs like that.

If people want to develop something on the safe network, they can simply do so or collaborate with other developers.

How i see this Network99:
I’m not a developer so i will make a project and ask people to join it, they do all the work and i will act as some kind of manager or anything that will make it seem like I have an important role in order to take credit.

Got to call a spade a spade…

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I think network99, studio99, etc are excellent ideas and David has done a great job at laying out these platforms as far as what their function would be. Beyond that I think open value network is unnecessary. Users of any of these platforms upon joining could simply have their addresses integrated by the code of the site that also would have developers wallets imbedded. Now the reason open value network doesn’t make sense to me and why network99 might not come to fruition is exactly what @hamiltino addresses above. It’s an idea and like artists it’s hard to get the felt deserved credit for these things (the open value network addressing that anyone who contributes even an idea, that includes those of us that don’t code, would get an equal cut) I think it’s the credit thing that turns people off. People have abilities and see their abilities as more valuable to others based on difficulty. It’s sad but true. I really would loooove this to become a reality though.

I made a relevant thread to discuss these things:
No point in interfering with the intent of the SAFE cafe that is: promoting developers and artists on youtube.

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I’ve enjoyed every episode thus far, so i’m looking forward to it! :smile:

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