SAFE cafe #7: Welcome Musicians & Photographers! Sunday, 7pm BST

The SAFE cafe is starting to get a little traction. We’re happy about that. When Studio99 and Network99 are realities on the SAFE Network, we’ll be netcasting from and uploading to these SAFE Network apps, respectively. Until then, we’ll be using Google+ hangouts & YouTube.

In this way and other ways, the SAFE cafe is a place for SAFE Network pioneers and creative people from all walks of life and the arts to hangout together, to discuss ways and plans to inhabit the SAFE cryptospace that MaidSafe is inventing for the world.

It’s up to us, the pioneers and earliest soon-to-be adopters of the SAFE Network to seize the present moment and to participate in this 99% Revolution of people who will take on making the opt-out/opt-in option real for the planet.

To say that Project SAFE technology is disruptive is an understatement. It’s the end of the world as we know it. In fact, on July 12, 2014, the old world ended when TestNet1 went LIVE. Everything else now is important, needed and desired but the facts are the facts: On that date, a truly autonomous, server-less, distributed and encrypted network went LIVE storing shards of data in any of 200 unknowable, un-decryptable vaults without human decision makers or administrators involved. Think about it. It’s a complete game changer.

The SAFE cafe belongs to and is dedicated to YOU, the MaidSafe core dev team, the SAFE Pod teams, the community of pioneers who will make the SAFE Network the new world’s standard for a brand new cryptosphere where privacy, freedom and network/personal security are realities.

Come join us, now every Sunday 7pm BST whenever you want. If you can’t join us LIVE, the netcast is always available on YouTube too. If you like them, share them. The SAFE cafe is good tool for telling others about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network.

If you have a Google account and can access the event w/ a Chrome browser and want to join in LIVE to submit text questions or comments, go here:

If you just want to watch the show LIVE on YouTube, go here:

SAFE cafe #7: Welcome Ceiling Demons & Network99 Designer Rich Beer - YouTube

If you miss the broadcast, no worries, just go to the YouTube link above.

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