NoClientGossipDiscovery [24/11/23 Testnet] [Offline]

Yes, well a Pi 2b mind you. It is slow as ****


Anyone seen this? I had no problems with my cloud Ubuntu but my laptop won’t install client or node:

safeup node --version 0.98.32
*                                    *
*          Installing safenode       *
*                                    *
Installing safenode for x86_64-unknown-linux-musl at /home/mrh/.local/bin...
Error: request or response body error: error reading a body from connection: unexpected end of file

Caused by:
   0: error reading a body from connection: unexpected end of file
   1: unexpected end of file


Nope - worked fine on my Mint laptop.


I’ve started five cloud nodes, monitoring with vdash and will note progress here.

Accessing the faucet was really snappy.

After ~ 5 minutes 3/5 have PUTS/GETS and one has earned 15 nanos (store cost 13).
A second node has store cost 10 (no earnings yet).
@JPL now 45 nanos (same node) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
5 nodes update: Earnings totalling 166 from two nodes, storecosts 14, 10. One other node has PUTS/GETS two without.
Memory usage 45MB to 84MB so…
Added 5 more nodes.
A few hours later…
5/10 nodes have been killed, possibly due to increased memory use which is 200-340MB per node. All but one node has earned, total 2414 nanos (max 779), storecost 13-46.

Saturday: 4/10 nodes alive but only seeing GETS and ERRORs now. Most recent PUTS, on 3 of them are from about 08:00 UTC and earlier. RAM on living nodes is 140 - 160 MB. On killed nodes 200 - 350 MB. Connections on the living nodes are less (124 - 131), but not that different than the dead nodes (132 - 148)

Tuesday: remaining 4/10 nodes have earned a lot (75% of total in the last day or so, 1.5 days?) and about 25% of that overnight. They’ve seen plenty of churn (lots of GETS) but connections remain low (127-125) and RAM 215-240MB (as predicted in the OP). Here are my beauties:


My uploads so far:

3 minutes to upload directory of 48M with total cost 0.000002022 (0.000000042/MB):

"MyFirstEverTripToTheCircus.jpg" e1d110c1b874aaf81a8a9210e904a086287b8466c03260be858bd934860d791b
"1234.jpeg" c10881fb87a101c4e8a3e130b696b864464760aa928151c8ece9f23ab528726c
"pexel.mp4" c75d14271924971df656d76ecd9b832a2c4b9efe81620102518cb1d5ad86f3bf
"safenetwork2.mp4" aab1360f225288179348d5aec3d44bf253025e967784a7c16c77cae1a3492bbf

24 nanos for me - will spark up another couple of nodes now, see how they do.




Client (read all) download progress 73/76
Error downloading "safenetwork2.mp4": Chunks error Chunk could not be retrieved from the network: 537866(01010011)...

Maybe try re-uploading @happybeing ?


I have a question about Vdash, @happybeing.
My nodes have GETs and PUTs, but I do not see ‘chunk storage’, it is still 0. Is this normal?
Looking at the record_store folder in my nodes, they are full of files. Are these not chunks?


I am still unable to run nodes from home - 99.9% certain its an ISP issue so no moaning from me on this
I will put up some cloud nodes later this afternoon.

Meantime here is Bowie live at the Apollo 1978 - full setlist when I find it - meantime grab a track or two and feed your ears.

🔗 Connected to the Network                                                                                                                        Chunking 11 files...
Input was split into 187 chunks
Will now attempt to upload them...
Uploaded 187 chunks in 25 minutes 14 seconds
*          Payment Details           *
Made payment of 0.000003732 for 187 chunks
Made payment of 0.000000571 for royalties fees
New wallet balance: 99.999995697
*          Uploaded Files            *
"08 - Track 8.MP3" 6bf39568f8c490c6e63819c304187560406922d1c8d34205ae549ae085076794
"03 - Track 3.MP3" fd6203e4442703a884b19f6f5564b2f4ac23c19a5664c882a15d22d7ca748070
"09 - Track 9.MP3" 88e4ecbd5a528ff8cfc7b0c48d3025047de3d376cfd533f2fc11084731997e96
"04 - Track 4.MP3" 41f734a7a973de8946b57f1c06268dafae87dfc986cd8b9beae8a434c8dce321
"06 - Track 6.MP3" ce8ba86c125cd70c474066bbae8c4b2da4c0d8b654b2f3070560111d38ae0d69
"05 - Track 5.MP3" 9ad603bf5054a35d05116feebf3d63ec4d30df0e46cd7b63c0272debb7eb0ca1
"01 - Track 1.MP3" 6017ad02bbf7372dcd82ebe8f07092a4ab20b06d6d730236de75696c028c7cfe
"11 - Track 11.MP3" 6dd0304d57920b1e06ab2e07bfaf01f4d5c3a820eb97e952d8780bd55b23f381
"02 - Track 2.MP3" 584cf977026af0d49e1497a22064cefb9c1ea139f2d3483d1a19d501155adb36
"07 - Track 7.MP3" a4d41020b0a7b3d05a96f6fbe4b6793c9e74a01a6e2e6e64d9a6ef5d9e35b36d
"10 - Track 10.MP3" 914288c2a32573a3a38103a03178535a89eb622adaa43178d54f3236f127fbf2

EDIT: my first download failed

 🔗 Connected to the Network                                                                                                                        Downloading 05 - Track 5.MP3 from 9ad603bf5054a35d05116feebf3d63ec4d30df0e46cd7b63c0272debb7eb0ca1 with batch-size 16
 Error downloading "05 - Track 5.MP3": Network Error Record was not found locally.

Can anyone confirm success/fail please?


im having all nodes die on a vps simultaneously

15 nodes running on 6Gb ram ubuntu systems an suddenly all nodes are killed

"safenode.log" c4a2fd61ef941c9bcbda3b3d5ca792886274b27a5644d90b570a3de16f190e73

So quick, yet another testnet in the year of the testnets.

Word is out on the tubes to discover the gossipers


Well spotted and yes it’s normal. I’m hoping to pester @maidsafe into adding a max chunks and current chunk total to the logfile periodically and so haven’t bothered to remove that from the display.

@joshuef any chance of a tweak here, it would look so pretty :heart_eyes: I’ve been pestering from time to time but not sure if it was considered, rejected, in the todo list. See: Vdash - Node dashboard for Safe Network - #162 by happybeing


ICYMI: there’s a raw but working update to vdash which adds checkpoints so you should be able to restart vdash without losing data or having to wait forever while it reads through the current logfiles.

See also the preceding update which adds ‘glob’ paths and let’s you add nodes after starting vdash.

Both detailed here:
Vdash - Node dashboard for Safe Network - #162 by happybeing


good(ish) news _ I can download your log.
Can you get any of these Bowie bootleg tracks?


66 nodes up, they appear to be behaving a lot better that the previous 3 tests :+1:


So @maidsafe, how much test-royalties did you receive so far? :slight_smile:


Nodes have more even record spread than with previous testnet:

My node is having records this time by the way.


My first set of uploads and subsequent downloads went without a hitch. :partying_face:


Confirmed, cannot download track 5. Also track 10 does not work, the rest downloads fine.

Error downloading "10 - Track 10.MP3": Chunks error Chunk could not be retrieved from the network: 8482d1(10000100)...


5.MP3 from 9ad603bf5054a35d05116feebf3d63ec4d30df0e46cd7b63c0272debb7eb0ca1

failed for me.