Marketing and the Maidsafe Foundation

I’m just reflecting on all the recent talk about marketing Safe and a thought just struck me: Could we not also market the Foundation as a Charity, which would have the knock-on effect of marketing Safe?

What I mean is, that this whole project/vision is about providing safe, secure access to a de-centralised internet for all. This has many benefits to us in the West, but the main intended beneficiaries from the Charity’s point of view would be living in 3rd World countries I think. The main benefits I would expect would be Educational and Economic (the ability to start micro-economies using Safecoin).

Should we be thinking about how we can effect change on the ground to local villages/schools etc – then market the Charity to receive donations to exponentially grow itself? The Charity, by using the Safe system, sells the Safe system, so to speak. I’m thinking along the lines of maybe the Charity donating laptops/phones/(or collaborating with other charities that do this ) Safecoins/etc-maybe a package for local schools/villages or help setting up micro-economies - just off the top of my head.

Any real world changes effected by the Charity could be publicised to further help market Safe. I’m pretty sure there may be National/international grants and the like to also help fund projects alongside donations.
I think I’m just keen to get moving on implementing a plan to fulfill the vision on the ground and grow the Charity aspect, but just wondered what others think?
lol…I thought this belonged in strategy, but then realised it’s gone…


Interesting timing @Al_Kafir as @justine_mclevy and I had a meeting about this a couple of weeks ago. Justine has just been tasked with pulling together a 12 month strategy for the Foundation. Part of this will be how to encourage donations while we wait (hopefully not too long) for revenue to flow through MaidSafe and then into the Foundation through dividends, as the Foundation is a 50% shareholder in MaidSafe. The remit of the Foundation is pretty broad so what and where the Trustees (neither David or I are trustees) decide to fund is quite wide ranging, provided it helps foster education and innovation.