MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Its about the marbles. People are running nodes for days and still have 0 marbles. Most people will be happy if the amount of marbles is greater than 0, so at least they are assured that their nodes are working correctly and they’re contributing something.


these are fake nanos anyway

Still seeing nanos reassures connectivity and is the only thing earning you rank :man_shrugging:


These nanos might the most valuable nanos ever, as they can result in a prize from Beta Rewards, which is likely to be fairly tasty!


yeah i know … gonna restart my daughters pc now. cant believe she turned it off

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I agree that making a lot of money by running nodes is not likely.

But I can see it bumming folks out though, because it can be seen as “The MAID / eMAID holders are getting rich while the ordinary folks do all the work.” Which is a form of rich get rich and poor stay poor. Only those who can afford to invest can make big gains.

So I wonder if a network with no tokens at all could surpass Autonomi in popularity?

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such a network will die pretty fast imho - no incentive to run nodes - no spam protection


But the incentive with small rewards is not that great either. Maybe spam protection could be done with some other means, like a small “proof of work” with the uploading.

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we have a network of 25k nodes now - storing an average of ~100 chunks


(includes inactive chunks which are excess copies that just remain because the space for it exists)

… people are competing for rank atm and not for nanos … close to all nodes currently charge the absolute minimum of 10 nanos per chunk … which is ridiculous … nobody can upload and people are just competing for the little nanos that get earned … it’s not exactly how the economics will work later on … with a network holding more data and store costs being higher (as we’ve seen in the past test networks) all this will level out …

and if earnings are not sustainable then node runners will shut down their nodes (which makes even sense in a broader picture globally … there shouldn’t be 90% empty nodes if the same data can be managed by a way smaller number of nodes …)

…i don’t think anything is wrong with what we’re seeing … it’s just that people don’t see inflow of nanos and rank in this moment in time which makes them irritated/demotivated/less sure their nodes are working correctly …


Important to remember that as nodes leave the network the tokens paid increase (although the cost for storing also increases) … so there should be an incentive for nodes to stay at some level - a balance has to be reached.

I hope that such can happen with storage cost rates at a level people will find affordable - that’s the big question. If we can encourage people to run nodes for lower network rewards then we can keep the store cost down. Perhaps there are other ways nodes can be rewarded? – maybe via apps on the network paying them too for supporting them in some way. I dunno - just thinking out loud here.


Maybe way off base here but personally I’ve been frantic to get more nodes online to compete because nanos are so scarce rn and want to be in position once data starts really rolling in.

I do agree nodes shouldn’t be sitting empty too long too because at some point it just doesn’t seem worth any hassle. Having just some spare resources, no biggie but when you want to contribute more but get no reward it does make you want to scale back for sure.


I guess the other issue is not enough nanos for us to create a market for ourselves. If we don’t have spending money to store, or trade etc then it really is just hoarding or eventually giving up.

Not trying to encourage the latter of course but I do hope rewards get dispersed more readily by more data going online soon!


Good point, that I somehow managed to not think :laughing:


Yes, and the real world value of a nano will increase too, if the network continues to grow after launch.

The most difficult part of Autonomi adoption is finding the right economic balance.

I think we will find it.

After the idealists like us, who would run nodes for free, at least I will, some kind of economic incentive must feel right for people who want to contribute, but not for free. It’s human nature to get rewarded.

All will be good in the end, look how far we have come. Adjusting, fixing and finding a balance is what beta is for.


So I’m about to burn a tiny MAID to get eMAID to make up for some wildly uncommonly pithy paychecks lately, because it looks like there are literally 0 places (for the US) to trade MAID anymore, not even Changelly etc. etc. type places (as all of these type of sites seem[?] to be transitioning to a new software maybe, where their dropdowns list every single crypto in existence; and if it’s not part of their actual database, it doesn’t calculate exchange rates properly, including the MAIDs). Heck, I should be researching places to trade eMAID here before converting, because maybe even that will prove to be impossible. Also, I just saw it takes 48 hours for eMAID to get to you through the official burning-MAID method; can’t complain, nothing too major, just interesting.

edit: Wait, did HitBTC just drastically update their website?
They might have gotten rid of MAID. And looks like the US can’t trade there (anymore?).
(Looks like MAID might still be there. Definitely can’t trade in the US.)

Anyone want to trade my 365 MAID for BTC? I’ve only been here 9 and a half years, so I’m not very trustworthy. Maybe there’s an escrow to use. The future is yesterday.


Nice to see posts about eMAID on Coinmarketcap feed :slight_smile:


It really helps to do the follow:

  • Like/Retweet posts on CMC, Coingecko, Twitter, Discord, etc
  • Comment using hashtags,e g.: $MAID $EMAID #AUTONOMI maidsafe
  • Search relevant words using search engines and scroll down until you see the relevant links then click on it. This will increase the position for our pages and rank them higher for SEO. E.g. on duckduckgo or google, type emaid and scroll down until you see page from the community, coingecko, cmc, etc.
  • Talk about it on other platforms so people get to know about it.

Other things that help are:

  • Provide liquidity on CEX or DEX by putting sell or buy orders or LP range(s).
  • Help community members out who want to obtain eMAID, or sell their MAID in case they don’t have access to exchanges or KYC.

That’s a fairly small amount for a BTC trade - given BTC fees. Perhaps if you offer to trade for ETH, maybe someone would take you up on it? I dunno, it’s not worth the trouble for most I reckon – just being straight with you.


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I have been meaning to ask you, do you know how the news feed in TradingView is populated? I just assume they scrape for news stories.

It would be great to see the news feed have some kinds of updates but I get the feeling unless crypto news sites are covering Autonomi, it won’t.