MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

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The hammer strikes again - I broke something else

Mods I demand a badge for this :slight_smile:


Why is it always you :man_facepalming:t3: @Southside


charisma and focus

These are only two of the cars I have owned in the past decade


I wasn’t suggesting we will see those price in the next 48. I was more saying that something would have to go completely sideways for us to see 4 cents again before we see 20, which is what the guy was suggesting. If he likes that prediction so much, then I have a wager for him.


Lol, 4 cent more likely than 20 cent? I’d take a bet on that all day long.


In the current climate we could hit 20 cent before December.

It’d be like one of those “Hail Mary” orders like back in 2017 when some lucky folks put in BTC orders at $1 and some unlucky folks fat-thumbed and sold at that price. Unfortunately, no exchange access right now to catch such (un)fortuitous occurrences.


Not really the order book is so thin 400k of MAID would get us close to 4 cents.

I really am just wondering, do you believe in this project at all? I see nothing but pessimism from you.
Do you have a holding yourself? Or are you going to cry about the thin orderbook once we break prices upwards? Just wanna make sure once we do I hold a bit longer, just to make sure I don’t sell into your buys ;p


I can not confirm or deny that I have a MAID position.

I most certainly hope you have a holding. It would be really pathetic to be hanging around a forum as much as you do of a project you don’t believe in, spreading your pessimistic look all around as if it’s a fact.


Runs over to Bittrex to buy 1 MAID. Okay I qualify for hanging around spreading my pessimistic outlook. Phew that was close.

Liar - do you think the rest of us are so stupid as to not know about minimum orders?image


I bought 51 and sold 50 :wink:

Further liar.

I see no evidence here



@zeroflaw has gone all quiet - it’s no like him…


I’ll have to go back and look at trading 101 to see if orderbooks are static. It’s not going 4 cents my man without some kind of meltdown

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The safe network is looking more promising than it has for a long time, IMO. It looks like a test new showcasing new technology is not far away, the crypto space is starting to heat up again and we pretty much started a recovery from rock bottom prices. It is clear sky above and limited liquidity works both ways - when buying or selling. Small purchases will send the price rocketing up, as we have already seen in recent weeks.

In a time when some random new project is going up 100x, I don’t see why a project which is finally maturing into something useful can’t do well too. While we have some time to wait for production ready, final software, it feels like MAID should continue its upward trajectory. In these times, a 10x increase is nothing in the space and many of those will have little to show for their efforts too.


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