MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

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MaidSafeCoin is currently in the top 10 of cryptoprojects on CoinMarketCap. MAID is trading around 7 cents USD at the moment of writing.

Enjoy the Price talk!


I made the screenshot in the OP 2 days ago. Today we’re at 7.22 cents USD


Just testing to see if my account is worthy. :grin:


May MAID beats TheDAO’s price on 24th.


May it beat Ethereums price instead.


Posting in legendary thread.


I have an order open in MAID - the 98 BTC at .000098. That buywall is not fake and won’t drop between now and the 24th, since I’m hoping it fills before we go mewn :slight_smile:

Wanted to let the other maid bulls know my intention in case it effected anyone’s entry position (if you don’t already have one).


can i haz 1 btc? y u so baller


Sure. Just solve one of my crypto puzzles and it’s all yours :wink: Find me on Twitter. @coin_artist

Can’t wait to host these puzzles on the SAFE Network with SAFEcoin + BTC prizes.

Sorry (off topic)


I hope many other Maid fans join you in that buy wall so that we can all have another opportunity to buy at 9k before the new floor after the 24th.


well done! Will you be floating that wall up on 24th?


Too hard to predict price action on the 24th. Hopefully the order fills before then! But if it doesn’t, I’ll have to reevaluate my position on the 24th depending on markets. Also, if MAID turns very bullish, I may move the wall up.


much volatility today - bought low mostly and sold wee bits high - slowly improving my long position on Polo


If I’m right, Factom already started moving up a few days before Yuanbao started trading. Which makes sense if you’re buying some trading stash to sell higher in China. Deposits on Yuanbao were possible 4 days before the trading started. I have a guts feeling we’re seeing the same thing happening now also. Maid on Poloniex is slowly but steadily crawling up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. :slight_smile:


Could be, or it could be arbitrage as bitcoin is down sharply over 10%, or it could be something else…

Everyone, beware of wishful thinking guiding your trading decisions.


Uhmm… Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from a difference in the price. So I’m not sure what a price drop in bitcoin has to do with Maid (arbitrage) trading between ‘here’ and ‘there’?

I’m suggesting that as the price of bitcoin in USD/GBP falls, the price of MaidSafecoin in BTC would rise by the equivalent amount - due to arbitrage.

It makes no sense for bitcoin to drop in fiat price, and as a result for MaidSafecoin to remain at the same BTC price (and therefore become cheaper in fiat), unless the two were being equally affected by the same market factors. Correcting that discrepancy is arbitrage.

I think much of the recent fall in MaidSafecoin BTC price was in the same inverse relationship to the recent rises in bitcoin.


Right, I didn’t know that was called arbitrage too. I’ve always thought arbitrage is possible with one product only, on multiple markets. In this case Maid, to be bought on Poloniex, and to be sold (almost) simultaneously on Yuanbao. In general, arbitrage is considered a rather riskfree trade transaction.


That’s exactly what I was suggesting. Arbitrage is trading on price differences at a point in time - now you can think of price as always in USD on two different exchanges, or in different assets or currencies, that are traded at different equivalent prices on the same or different exchanges. Maybe there are more specific terms for more complex transactions, but it boils down to arbitrage trading.


Right, got it, thanks for explaining a bit more. :slight_smile:

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