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I was going to write this to MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic but for some reason there is no “Reply” button there for me. I guess there is some kind of rule against too new members posting in there or something like that? Anyway I write it here as I think this is not harmful post in any way except maybe being a bit off topic. Maybe some moderator can move this to better place and then remove this whole topic after that?

I was thinking about the FIAT value of MAID (and all the altcoins that does not have FIAT/ALT trading pairs). Is it so that Blockfolio, Coinmarketcap etc. calculates the FIAT price of MAID from the BTC price of it? So every time the BTC drops in value against USD for example, it drops the price of MAID as well? If so, what happens then if BTC loses it dominant position to BCC or some other coin? How is the FIAT value of MAID calculated then? What if we don’t have any dominant cryptocurrency? What if we have a crypto/MAID trading pairs with a few cryptos that have FIAT pairings, how is the FIAT value of MAID calculated and how accurate it can be?

Thanks, I appreciate your reply.

But I’m kindly asking for no one else to reply to this thread anymore as this could get kind of out of the hand in regards to the forum guidelines of not discussing the MAID price anywhere else than in the correct thread.

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Yeah sorry for that, but we’ve head a lot of pumpers and trolls coming over to our forum to talk prices here. So it’s limited to TrustLevel 2. You’ll get there.

Yes, quite confusing. Some coins are traded in usd as well. To make it even more confusing. But the prices you see on Blockfolio and other apps are MAID/BTC and then they extract the usd price from that. So you’re right, when BTC drops MAID/BTC needs to go up to keep the same price for MAID.


The price doesnt “need” to do anything. Some days it will move in sync, some days it will move in opposite direction. This will depend on unlimited and mostly unknown external factors.

I never watch MAID in terms of BTC. To me, its irrelevant as I only care about the price in USD. Why should I think of anything in terms of BTC when it costs over USD 20 to transact (making it useless as a means of payment)? BTC for me is just there to facilitate the trade.

No, it doesn’t need to do anything, but in practice it always happens so that all the FIAT prices of altcoins are dipping for some minutes or hours when bitcoin dips, and then the FIAT prices recover after a while.

It is just weird to see your altcoin portfolio taking temporary hit when bitcoin dives.

Not just weird, but painful too.

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A little off topic, but yesterday I sent $3045USD of BCH for an online purchase. The transaction cost me all of $0.07 in fees and was confirmed in just a couple of minutes. Just fyi.