Maidsafe BearWhale has surfaced! Thar she blows!

Arrr, on yonder horizon she appears, the Bearwhale! Embark unto ye dingies, sharpen yer harpoons, chase and slay the beast so that we may all share in the oil and blubber for years to come.


Lol what’s a bear whale

And is that Poloniex?

Someone with a shitload of MAID (whale) believing that the MAID price will fall (being bearish).


Would suck for him if he sells and the price never goes below that mark again :smile:

Or someone wanting you to think that!


Whale manipulating market with sell wall to keep price down to buy more cheap coins…But not for long. Think we might see a nice price increase when installers are released…

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74 btc worth of sells up to that 74 btc big wall… Pretty sure some big whale is about to make a massive 148 btc mistake.

im learning alot about trading and exchanges right now :smiley:

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This is crazy, I keep buying as much MAID as I can. It is obvious what has been going on and what is going to happen soon. I’m looking around thinking “Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing.”

That fact of blantent undervaluation is the only thing that makes me 2nd guess occasionally.


I bought my first MAID a few weeks ago and yesterday I bought more :smiley: I created a wallet with my Trezor en bought some via …for people who never tried. :wink:

Can’t wait for the installers…you are doing great work

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If only I had 148 BTC to show him the error of his ways…

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Yes, it’s a good thing, if there are huge holders like that then they sell out many more folks get in on the project and that is gold as we launch really. So I get a kick out of this, the more the merrier in my opinion. I must admit though I got 6 BTC worth at sale and still have them :slight_smile: Well I got 12 but sold Ernie Hancock 1/2 of what I had, because he missed the whole thing. I am no trader, but to me this is great news and just at the right time.


Here a nice video analysis of the charts. Some nice tips also for traders: Youtube Coinigy Analysis

There analyzing more coins, MaidSafe talking at 28:52.

This kind of whale watching is great fun and much less expensive than whale watching in the ocean.


not to the whales that lose all their money LOL

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Gone? And if he dump his bag now?

Thank you to whoever is dumping so many coins. The more I can buy

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Yeah that was a person manipulating the market for whichever reason (hard to actually pinpoint). There’s still a chance someone could’ve bought all that-- another factor that keeps markets always unknown despite what people think they know.

I think there could be a nice increase in price when installers are out, because every potential person can see directly what Maidsafe is. But a much more huge increase once safecoin is live. And the largest increase happening slowly over time, as people realize the usefulness of it…

…There’s still a chance it could not go extremely high, because of some economics or what have you, but I’m not skilled in that whatsoever (people explain the economics of safecoin and I don’t/can’t keep up). Though since this will be a huge thing for the entire world I don’t think any type of thought-up economic system is secured from keeping this bad boy from hitting the proverbial moon.


it’s amazing and sometimes hilariously funny in a good way how on every occasion you seem so genuine and humble about your contribution and personal financial gains to/from the project that it makes me (us) have more and more faith in a positive outcome :smile:

thank you!