MaidsafeCoin at it's highest traded price

Hey guys,

Some months ago I started to pull the the daily traded MaidsafeCoins from masterexchange in order to keep track of what’s happening. I get a daily mail in the morning with the development of the price/amount from the last 24h and will get a notification as soon as there is a spike in the price (either 10% up or down). For a couple of days now, the price is “stable” over 0.0008 and since 'm storing the trades in a SQL database I decided to pull the data and create a nice chart for you to look at.

I deleted the first couple of entries from the trades though, because they were really high and screwed up the chart, but the amount of coins was very low, so it shouldn’t really matter. My guess is those were test trades or something like that.

Anyway, enjoy the charts and the outlook of your “investment”. Mine has already doubled and testnet2 hasn’t really started yet, so even this part is looking very promising (although not the most important part about this project)


Thanks for sharing!


You’re right, the price point is not important at all at this moment.
Its good to mantain a healthy market tho, so it can be attractive to developers and startups to work with Maidsafe, so hoping to hit the 10K sats soon :smile:
Im pretty sure we will have a bull run when we have that update schedule incoming in 24 hours.


Great graphs. It would be useful to overlay the BTC/USD plot on the first, and also to have a MSafecoin USD plot because bitcoin has fluctuated wildly in this period, as ever.


24 hours? What did I miss?

@happybeing: Yes, you’re absolutely right, I totally forgot about that. I’ll see if I can get the data to update these but right now I only have the data for MSC.

Will update this as soon as I have the data available.

@hillbicks As I understand (can’t remember or find where I read it but,) MaidSafe should be announcing the network launch date sometime soon. Real soon . . .


Not yet :slight_smile: A much better interactive roadmap and systemdocs is out this week, then new version of testnet2 with dramatically reduced account transfer (all going well). Also start of messaging system installers and Nfs API (agreement only). So big steps and important but not launch just yet. We are trying and moving forward daily, but we are doing a ton of measurements. There is a kernel based allocator being introduced and this is a required step for the new self encryption lib (wont stop launch but file sizes will be limited till its there, which may not be till Jan).

So rework routing, rudp2 all in parallel and hopefully included in testnet2/3 as we move on.


This is excellent!

Would you be willing to share the data set also?

hope the Maidsafe will be 0.001BTC in the next year!

Absolutely, give some time to prepare everything and will post back here.

Definitely true, I had the same thought.

Amazing graphs, amazing work, though.

But it’s hard to get perspective without that bit of info

I have not yet in my life felt as betrayed as when i bought MSC and had it drop tens of digits as the abusers cashed out. I am not placing blame one the maidsafe team besides gross incompetence in conducting the crowd sale responsibly.

I stand by fully for the view we have in common, Yet i cannot shake the feeling that the lack of dev updates reflect some kind of trouble, or even worse the end of a “long con” now as it would be time to produce results.

Apparently you aren’t blaming the irresponsible greedy speculators who bought it prior to its crash and dramatically inflated its price.

Okay, are you saying you’re selling 70% of MAID that you hold and may buy back later? Or are you just speculating here while remaining recklessly greedy so that you have the “right” to come back and complain in case you have to delay the buying of your first Porsche?

Nothing personal, mind you. I’m just asking about your investment tactics because I’m curious what people think. If you don’t mind to share.

Edit: “MAID what you hold” > “MAID that you hold”

Here you can see the charts with the Bitcoin value taken into account:


This implies you do not follow the forum very closely, sounds like trolling when your immediate reply to your own ignorance is this ^. Also the new roadmap will be published very soon, see:


@reivanen The lack of dev updates is a problem. And if you follow the forum you’ll know it does reflect difficulties in the development, at least in the software CI and QA processes.

You will have also seen continual progress on github and JIRA, and have had the opportunity to verify this (as I did by connecting to testnet2 and seeing my interactions reflected in the visualiser - awesome & transparent).

BUT THIS @reivanen:

I am not placing blame one the maidsafe team besides gross incompetence in conducting the crowd sale responsibly.

The above is libellous and I ask you not to make statements like this in a random thread. The forum is open for you to air your views, but this kind of complaint was made and answered already on several forums, including this one. The views expressed were answered with great respect and openness as to what happened and why decisions were made. If you have further evidence, take it to a new topic and have it answered. Please don’t start dropping accusations like this into other topics.


Yes this was our lunchtime main point this afternoon (we do a Tuesday and Thursday lunch with maidsafe management team) The roadmap is in Qa and hopefully tomorrow should be live and we will tear down all others. The other thing hopefully due this week are the systemdocs updates which look much improved from my scratchings (we had a professional copyright company redo them).


MaidSafe does work. :wink:


Sure does and all the background effort is maximising that, the ideas are proven now bar scaling to millions of people. For that we need to dig in and keep going, were good at that :slight_smile:


So, I’m confused :stuck_out_tongue:

My assumption for the following graph was a fixed value of 100$. So, first step was to calculate the amount of bitcoins for 100$, take that number and calculate how many MSC I would get for 1 BTC with the value of the first calculation. The result is the graph below which contradicts my initial statements, you will get less MSC for 100$ now that you got in april.

But if I look at the chart at coinmarketcap I read it as an increase in value since april. So, where is the error? Anyone an idea?

Nevertheless, this is still a good thing for the value of MSC/Safecoins since we’ll get rid of the need for BTC at some point in the future.

PS: Here is the csv file with all the trades in it, for anyone who is interested.