Poloniex dump

Did someone see the dump in Poloniex?

Price crashed until 750 satoshis.


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Hi Atleticofa! How are you? I think this is a healthy correction for a better coin distribution. Trust in me :smile:
Anyway, If you dont trust in Maidsafe team (i personally know Irvine) I can buy allyour coins :smile:

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Wow, so lucky everyone with buys low ! :sunny:

Why? someone sold :stuck_out_tongue: and cleared the order book; someone either being altruistic, or foolish lol. sometimes it turns out to be both at the same time :sun_with_face:

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Jippy I’m getting more coins, this is really the twilightzone. Where you can get “the future” cheap.

Thanks @atleticofa for the update

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For your information, most of the volume of that dump happened at 0.0005

08/03/2015 17:16 Sell 0.0000508 603346 30.64999999 BTC

For the last two days someone was trying to sell 1 000 000 safecoin at 0.0010

This is still the price where there is any significant liquidity.

Probably the students in Brisbane scooping up the other side of the transaction :wink:


I’ve seen nothing but good developments recently in the Maidsafe endeavor, really good actually. But it’s all in the background. This is basically the least hyped coin, in all seriousness, a true long-term coin—one that you can have no fear over if you simply count what you already know. (It’s the least “day-trade” worthy coin. The development team knows this, and knows that: the more that “background code” workings stay in the background, the better, because it leads to a system without needless hype.) It is one long-term coin that is having profound developments yet nobody knows about them enough to raise the price. Once the Maidsafe team is ready to announce an event worthy of greater public awareness, then people enthusiastic about the project will naturally buy more, get more, farm more, to become the foundation. This will spark the natural rises in the price (or lowering even). Nonetheless, there still are people out there who will day-trade. Regardless of any reason, it will shoot back up, planned or unplanned. I just hope it stays this way until Wednesday/Thursday so that my larger-than-normal paycheck can go into it. I have a feeling it will be back up by then, however, because that’s always my luck. … It may seem low, but people tend to think that the price of a coin can go even lower, so they wait as long as possible (this is called greed, on some level). Or, in this case, someone with a super large amount of coins wants to sell. (This could also be someone willingly manipulating the price downward. Although, I am surprised not more people are snatching that bounty up like mad. It’s currently not present on the order books, now.) That’s really a major truth to this matter, as well, that there is someone with an absurd amount of MAID out there, and knowledgeable traders are waiting for it to blow over-- among other things I’ve stated to be over as well.