Maid has been rated a buy!



Price very bullish on masterxchange and up 35% and number 9 on coinmarketcap - all good

Alright calm down lol

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Sell volume only at 400k

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maidsafe to the moon!

lol…buy em while they’re hot…supply running out fast! BTW maid has 20 times daily trading volume of mastercoin.

Up over 55% in 24h… could this be why?
Any other theories?

testnet next week

Maidsafe rules!! See you Sun :slight_smile:

It’s definitely a buy. Each Safecoin if you go by the math should be at least 10 cents. It’s currently something like 3 cents.

We should see numbers similar to the growth of NXT in my opinion. Don’t take it as investment advice because we don’t know how long it will take or what will happen to Bitcoin so if you’re putting Bitcoins into MAID it might not be a good idea. On the other hand if you have spare dollars it’s probably a good idea because if SAFE Network works as advertised then the price eventually will go up.

It seems to me the price of Safecoin is artificially low because it’s not on enough exchanges. The price will rise to at least 10 cents because thats the cost of the production of the actual resources provided by the farmers.

I would rate that conservative :smile:

Even if Maidsafe is not rated a buy, I’m still buying masterxchange is doing a good job offering it

Poloniex Exchange ‏- MAID/BTC market added Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange

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Question about Safecoin value that has got me wondering. Isn’t a huge part of value the amount of times it can be traded in a compressed period of time? So if it can be traded instantly, doesn’t that actually hurt the value?

Note: I’d rather lower value and faster transaction times. This is an observation for people buying.

thank you all for you links and questions. I will screen shot these comments and concerns and forward them to the Analyst that is covering MAID.
Crypto is an exciting adventure, thank you for being a part of it.

Good luck on the coin.

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@Russell Safecoin is a commodity to me not a currency. I don’t really need it for trading but I do need it to be worth a lot so people will farm.

Safecoin is more like fuel than currency. If we don’t have it then the SAFE Network cannot power itself. If the price doesn’t go up then SAFE Network will have no farmers.

No one is going to farm at a loss.

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You mind elaborating on that? That first sentence is a bit circular.

We have reiterated our BUY rating on MAID

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I think @luckybit is referring to safecoin’s value as a necessary token for above average resource usage in the network, thus it has purpose outside of currency.

However, I’m more excited about safecoin as a fully decentralized crypto-currency without a blockchain - that’s definitely something myself and many others would prefer compared to bitcoin.