Checking paper wallet balance

Hi I just got myself USD10k worth of maidsafe coin. It’s all in polo now. I would like to send it to bitaddress paper wallet. Would like to ask if I send the coins to the paper wallet. How would I check my paper wallet balance? And does it shows in bitcoins amount of maidsafe amount? Thanks


To check the balance, you just need to put the address you send your MaidSafeCoin to into and it’ll display Bitcoin & Maid balances for that address (or any Bitcoin address entered).


Yeah, omniwallet or omniexplorer to balance check :slight_smile: It will show MAIDs, if you do ‘add watch only address’ in omni wallet and add the public key then you will also see the fiat value in your chosen currency along with the maid and btc balances - same principles for other SAFE assets on omni like PDC, SAFE-FS and Seeds etc.


how did you purchase maidsafe coin?

He got it from an exchange called Poloniex (polo)

Is it a bad idea to upload private key in omniwallet ? I did to as I needed to sell few coins at some point.

Yes, don’t keep your private key online.

If you have 2FA on your omni then you are probably ok for small amounts, but for any large holding I’d be very security conscious and make sure your private key has never been online. I certainly wouldn’t keep any private keys in any wallets with proper money in.

I thought omniwallet encrypts the private key. Isn’t it safe then?

Nothing is safe online. I know of two people who had their omni wallets hacked (without 2FA on). Neither lost very much, but still, security should be taken very seriously in this game. No counterparty risk also means a lot more user responsibility is required because no one can help you if your money gets nicked.

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i created an etherwallet at and i check my balance there, so you are saying that it is not safe too?

Not as safe as a hardware wallet, for example. You have surely heard of some of the fake myetherwallet sites, that instead of running everything in client side JavaScript rather just send the private keys people enter directly to the site operator so that they can steal the coins. How can you assure that the real myetherwallet site is serving you the genuine version, and hasn’t been hacked and replaced with a malicious copy? Maybe there is something in place to mitigate this threat, but I’m not sure

Would httos on the site suffice as a security meausre? Can you recommend offline ether and bitcoin creation tools?

With the news of meltdown I would not use any on on-line wallet right now until we know more. This could be very serious and does need a lot of care. VM’s etc. all at risk so be careful out there folks.


First time I hear of this is this post and it’s a pretty big news story, I’ve slept right though this one =-0

Hardware wallets (Ledger Nano S or Trezor)