Omniwallet giving wrong public key

Hi guys, a friend of mine (honest), sent his MAID to a BTC address from his wallet. We were just trying to send them to a new address (Created at and something weird is going on.

If I put the public key into the balance check tool on I can see the balance.
If I put the private key into the Wallet Details on, I get the correct public key.
BUT if i import the private key into an omniwallet it gives me a different public key that has zero balance.

Any ideas?

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What format is the private key in?

What is the first character?

Use to convert the format to WIF (starts with “5”) and try that private key


We used the WIF format. Even tried with the other option (BIP 38? Can’t remember, am not in front of PC) but that was obviously not accepted.

We are double checking though as per your instructions. Will let u know. Thanks.

If you still don’t find out why, ensure you have no spaces before or after, make sure its not a multisig address

Otherwise you will need to contact omniwallet support and ask. It seems no one else here has any ideas .

Am going to introduce more people to maidsafe this week. What type of bitcoin address should they generate? The old format I hope.

Just want to check.

You can generate one at

Or sign up for a omniwallet.ord wallet and it will generate new addresses for you

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