Paperwallet question (10 cents of btc appear on my wallet)

Hello people,

I’m relatively new to the maidsafe coin. I have made some investments. Yesterday I started to move my coins to a paper wallet. Since yesterday I made 2 transactions. First one was for 10 coins and the second one today was a larger one. I checked them on omniwallet’s website and my pkperwallet received them.

Although there is a strange thing happening. (Maybe it is strange only to me) After each transaction I have also received 0.0000278 bitcoins which are about 10 cents each. I didn’t deposit them to the address. How did they end up in my paperwallet?

I used a brand new notebook and LTE while creating my paperwallet so I believe it was pretty secure while doing so. Although of course you can never know.

Is there anyone who can help me?

And maybe any updates about the official wallet?

Thank you everyone.

Wishing all of you an awesome weekend!

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Maids are encoded on the bitcoin blockchain, to encode and decode them small amounts of bitcoin are needed.

Your MAID balance can be checked at the following address by inputing your public bitcoin address.

Your MAIDs are encoded on your private bitcoin address. Even if you spend all your bitcoins, and have a 0.00 BTC balance at that address you still own your MAIDs.

To decode / send your MAIDs you will need to fund that Bitcoin address with a tiny amount of bitcoins.

Welcome to MAID. :slight_smile:


Omni protocol tokens (MAID) are sent across the BTC blockchain. So a little BTC has to be sent in order to create a transaction. IIRC its about 0.00000575 BTC that is sent

You will need around 0.001 BTC at the same address when you want to move the MAID off that address

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I understand that I need btc for the transactions. But I just dont get from where these btcs came from? I didnt deposit that 10 cents of btc and I received the exact amount which I have sent. So where did they come from?

I know I probably sound like a dummy right now. Sorry about that :confused:


At the very foundation of an omni asset it is just bitcoins that are sent back and forward, no matter what their name is MAID coins, Decorum, etc…

If you paid cash for MAID, you are buying a fraction of bitcoins plus encoded omni assets.
If you paid Bitcoin for MAIDS, the bitcoins probably come from the bitcoins you just use, or
bitcoins from the seller.

Why the value is set at 0.0000278 I don’t know and it would be interesting to find out.
0.0000278 BTC is 8 pence at the moment and rising. Moving Omni assets is going to
get expensive soon.


I got it from poloniex with btc. And sent them to the paperwallet. Poloniex got 10 maidsafe coins for the transaction. But when I received the maids, I also received 0.0000278 bitcoins which are worth around 10 cents.

I got the whole thing except the part where did those btcs came from. It seemed kinda weird at the miment

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Hmmm… I tried googling for an omni guide. Here’s one of the first links.

This transaction contains the omni protocol transaction and how the omni protocol keeps track of spends.

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Hello, I made a separate wallet in my bitcoin wallet in my ledger Nano S for MadeSafeCoin.
I sent the Madesafe from Poloniex. I made a test spend of $11 which worked. I then tried to send higher amounts. The correct amount, $150, left Poloniex, but I ended up with $11 in my madesafe wallet. I tried again and ended up with $11 reaching there. This went down to $10 per transaction in my wallet, and now today it has gone down to 10 cents each transaction in my wallet.
So, to summarise, I should have had 1 x lot of $11 and 2 x lots of $150 = $311.
Instead I had 3 x lots of $11
Then I had 3 x lots of $10
And today that has gone down to 3 x lots of 10 cents.
I have read this forum, so put a small amount of bitcoin in as advised. I then went to omniexplorer and put in my key as advised, and it is telling me there is nothing in there.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?
Thank you.

Nano S doesn’t understand MAID. So you have to view your address by entering the public address at and click “check”.

To move your MAID from that address you have to retrieve your private keys and import them into wallet.

Did you put in the public address?

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Thank you very much for your reply neo.
Yes I did use Public Address.
After your reply, I decided to go for a paper wallet. I set that up then sent a small amount of Maidsafe to it from Poloniex, then put the address in at omniwallet, and the funds were in there.
Thank you for that.

Now I just have to work out how to retrieve my funds from the Ledger Nano S. I don’t suppose you know how to find private keys on the Ledger Nano S apps?

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But you need to get the private key for the address you sent the funds to. Then you can import that private key into something like a wallet and then send the funds whereever you want.

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Thank you for your help neo.
I can see I have a learning curve ahead of me finding these private keys. Then I shall do as you suggested.

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@tradesafe I’m fairly sure one of our regulars posted a guide to doing this a few months ago, so search the forum for ‘nano private key’. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll have a look.


Thank you happybeing. I have found the post.