Presale MAIDSAFE w/Private Keys


Sorry if this has already been asked. I bought at the PreSale and hold my private key. Are my MaidSafe Coins safe or must I do something else?


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They are safe as long as you haven’t shared your private key. To see your balance go to and enter the bitcoin address they were sent to.

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It is all about knowing if any other person, company, exchange etc also knows your private key, which lets them send money (MAID) out of it. You could create an offline paper BTC wallet and send your coins there to be extra secure, if you are holding them long term and don’t need them for trading etc. That is what I do.

And maybe cold store your coins in an offline paper wallet unless your trading them…that is until SAFE launch and we have a local wallet to store them in…

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Thanks for the info!

So If I have the private key, (i do not have the public key), can I import that into any bitcoin wallet without breaking any meta data , (maidsafe speccific data associated with the address?). I wanted to import the key into wallet than send to an exchange.

BUT I recall there was a caveat in sending MaidSafe coins to an address for which you did not own the keys to?

If I send the MaidSafe coins to a wallet to which I also own the private keys to will anything break?

Thank You

as long as you have the private keys everything will be fine :slight_smile:

but i think will be the better choice because at you’ll probably don’t see any safecoins inside the wallet (and be aware that you need a very small amount of bitcoin in that wallet too to be able to sent your safecoin somewhere else)


I was able to “import private key/view” my balance with the Omni Wallet. I deleted afterwords because not liking the idea of leaving them in the Omni Wallet after what happened to MasterExchange. Although I think Omni is all “client” side like “”?

Also, at Omni, rather than import the private key, you can select “Add Special”. One of the options then will be “Watch Only Address” where you can add the public address and see the balance (keeping the private key private).