Beta Rewards Network Launch Wed 12GMT — Here's what you need to do!

I’m sure we would all have additions to suggest, but good list for sure!

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Thomas Kuhn - nice one


Thanks @joshuef. Any indication of what will happen with the rewards earned previously and transfered with the default PK? I’m ok ok with a “suck it up, it’s a beta” kind of reply, just not sure everyone will…

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Thanks that was speedy, and the weekend !

I’m just trying to install the new 0.108.3-alpha.1 Arm build, using safenode-manager, and it’s having none of it - Rpi4 8GB.

Do I need to blow away all the existing nodes, with a safenode-manager reset first ?

safenode-manager add --count 1 --home-network --version 0.108.3-alpha.1
║   Add Safenode Services   ║
1 service(s) to be added
Using cached safenode version 0.108.3-alpha.1...
Download completed: /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/downloads/safenode
Services Added:
 ✓ safenode3
    - Safenode path: /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3/safenode
    - Data path: /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3
    - Log path: /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3/logs
    - RPC port:
[!] Note: newly added services have not been started
safenode-manager start --service-name safenode3
║   Start Safenode Services   ║
Refreshing the node registry...
Attempting to start safenode3...
Failed to start 1 service(s):
✕ safenode3: Failed to start safenode3.service: Unit safenode3.service has a bad unit file setting.
See user logs and 'systemctl --user status safenode3.service' for details.

   0: Failed to start one or more services



[Unit] Description=safenode3 [Service] ExecStart=/home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3/safenode --rpc --root-dir /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3 --log-output-dest /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3/logs --home-network --peer /ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/,/ip4/ v1/p2p/12D3KooWJnRqS8LJ1iZHq8x9ziQj1jT5HSct1P3hfxADjsuCmz4f Restart=on-failure

update# : seems Systemd is being picky over what’s being passed through to ExecStart, have reduced the --peer down to a single line and it starts now.

Updated safenode3.service

[Unit] Description=safenode3 [Service] ExecStart=/home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3/safenode --rpc --root-dir /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3 --log-output-dest /home/admin/.local/share/safe/node/safenode3/logs --home-network --peer /ip4/ Restart=on-failure

edit : The logs look much better :+1: is logging the right PK values now on Rpi, thank you :slight_smile:

Using compile-time GENESIS_PK: b38f61b8df2cc7d86ceb1039cc23c9e1e2857a97e59ce01a6b1a5d6f7fa5311b521efb158fcdb66113986058ec9e25c8,

I hope there are a few interesting partners looped in.

There is bound to be useful public data that would be excellent use cases. Way back machine, wikipedia, etc.

Ofc, it’s fun uploading other stuff, but it feels like a great opportunity for more.


I ran a local testnet with the latest code last week and it automatically uploads a series of books, from the Gutenberg project I believe.

I suspect it downloads each one from an online list and then uploads it. If you run a local testnet, it keeps details if those uploads on /tmp. Next time I do this I’ll take a look at the data.

It might contain the xor addresses, but I’m not sure they would want those shared publicly yet while testing and tweaking.


When trying to upgrade my safenode-manager I get this error message, someone a clue what is wrong? I am on mac.

Retrieving latest version of safenode...
Latest version is 0.108.2
Using cached safenode version 0.108.2...
Download completed: /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/safe/node/downloads/safenode
Refreshing the node registry...
The application panicked (crashed).
Message:  index out of bounds: the len is 0 but the index is 0
Location: /Users/runner/work/safe_network/safe_network/sn_node_manager/src/cmd/

There’s also loginctl enable-linger.

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They are public in a way, because everyone can run local testnet and see what’s uploaded. I wonder though, if addresses in local testnet would be same as in Beta Network.

The addresses will be the same.

They are public, but it might be unhelpful to publish them, or they might have done so already.

I’m just being cautious.

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Well, after about 5 days of the largest network yet, things seem to be running steady!

I know there has been very little upload / download activity to stress the network, but the fact that the network is holding together well with somewhere around 20,000 nodes, from all kinds of devices seems like a decent milestone in my mind.

Right now, an October launch of something pretty functional doesn’t seem too far fetched!

Well done all involved, and let’s see what happens when things get cranked up a bit with uploads / downloads, and another big step up in network size when referrals kick in :smiley:



The address is determined by the self encryption process and is the hash of each chunk.

It doesn’t seem to far fetched and I think it will happen!

There are clearly a few things to address though. If experienced Linux users like myself and some of the others here are struggling to get nodes up, the Raspberry Pi build sends them with the wrong key and the Windows version isn’t easy enough to use there will be a lot of people not properly in yet. If those nuts can be cracked the number of nodes could really rocket up.

Well done for getting here. Just a bit more work to do. Which I’m sure will get done soon.


(BUG in libp2p-swarm?) Anyone seeing this error, which does not appear to kill the node process but I would really like to know if I need to restart my node and which this came from:

The application panicked (crashed).
Message:  internal error: entered unreachable code
Location: /home/runner/.cargo/registry/src/
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