Assemble at the Start Line. The Beta is About to Begin

It’s the moment you’ve all be been waiting for. The Beta—with rewards!—is about to commence.

The starting gun will fire in at 12:00 GMT, today, 5th of June.

Time to get your nodes ready

Here is a pre-flight checklist:

  • Download the latest Node Launchpad (or for you power users, the Node Manager)
  • Have a read of the Quickstart Guide to familiarise yourself with the process
  • If you’ve been running nodes already Reset them before we start
  • Don’t start and nodes yet… wait for the signal!
  • Quit the Node Launchpad. Hold tight.

And if you haven’t already (where have you been?!):

When it’s go-time…

Here’s what will happen and what you need to do when the Network starts:

  1. We’ll post an announcement in Discord and the Forum to signal the start. So listen out for the alert. It’s on!
  2. Open the Node Launchpad
  3. If you haven’t already add your Discord Username by using [Ctrl + B]
  4. Add some Nodes and get started with [Ctrl +G].
  5. You are underway! It can take a few minutes for your nodes to connect.
  6. Check your progress using the Discord Bot. If you’re in the Beta Reward Program you’ll see your place on the leaderboard as soon as your first Nanos land.

And most of all, have fun, help one another, and let’s build the alternative future of the Internet!


I reset my nodes but it still show running, I stoped all nodes via ctrl+x but it still show running

@JimCollinson southside was not included in the beta can some one check it out ?
he is in an airport checking in right now.


I would like to race, but for some reason I am not in the beta program. Can someone help me or at least tell me where is the problem?

EDIT: I did enter the waitlist, my Discord ID is peca_28537


Yesterday I was able to add a couple of nodes to my Pi but today it says 2GB free but won’t let me add one node. I’ve been clearing out stuff that I may have used up yesterday but can’t get back yet, so I’m cloud only today. :frowning_face:

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If folk have been using the safenode manager, you should just need to run safenode-manager reset to get the same effect as the launchpad.


So it’s safenode-manager version 0.105.6 ?

and that downloads safenode version 0.108.2 ?

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We have never tested a massive join fiesta… does it go boom?


Good question… we’re about to find out!


Can we use safenode-manager or it node-launcher only?

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should I stop the nodes before starting the network?

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safe-nodemanager is working fine. Make sure to update it though !

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. .

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I plan to use both. Just be sure to use the owner flag if you want the nodes to be tracked for rewards.

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We can:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


thanks! that is what I thought. Just odd that the node didn’t connect. I’m wondering if the peers are available for it though. Or maybe they are overwhelmed.


ok! It did start this time! Amazing! Got some records being written.


Were you able to get the nodes up and running? Did you use the CLI tool?

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We are off to the races, big moment, big day, Maidsafe living up to expectations. Congratulations!


Fantastic stuff. This is the seedling pushing up through the soil into the :sun_behind_small_cloud:

:muscle: Well done all at Autonomi. :clap: