Heads up! Beta Rewards are on the way! Time to get prepared!

Hot of the Bux press:


Excited to be able to give you guys a sneak peek of what is coming for the Beta Rewards Program in just a few weeks time.

The team and I are super aware that the OGs among you have invested huge amounts of time and effort championing the Network over many years… and now, with some lovely new (yet still very very early) supporters starting to come on board it’s time to get our launch count down underway.

Our beta testers will be a critical element in the first stages of this tangible, scalable, valuable network going live … helping deliver Autonomi to people all over the world is not a small thing and therefore it’s only right that those participating, should be directly rewarded for their effort, their time, and their computer resources …

How does it work?

Well, you’ll want to pay attention to three things:

  • How soon you can get involved
  • How much resource you can supply to Autonomi by running nodes
  • How many new people you help to run a node

It is these three things that will determine the level of rewards you will be able to earn.

(for those not totally up to speed with what we’re doing here, nodes are not sold, they are simply run in order to take on the work that’s needed for Autonomi to thrive).

What can you earn?

As part of the Beta Program you will be running a node, and by doing so, offering some of your spare computer resource to the Beta Network, and by doing that … earning beta test tokens (some people like to call them chocolate coins which reminds me of Christmas Stockings …).

The Beta Programme will be different from that of our usual test nets -in that the only way for participants to access/earn test tokens will be by running a node/nodes. Thanks to telemetry on the Beta Network, we will be able to keep track of your earnings with a leaderboard, and reported stats being shared with you. The higher up you finish on the leaderboard, the more your share of the (very significant) prize pool will be - your portion of it will be sent out post network launch in October.

What else can you tell me?

With the tide all boats are able to rise - that’s been the spirit and driving force of David for a long time, so as a nod to that and all things wonderful in nature (if you are new to Autonomi, you might want to ask about ants …), people will need to catch the ‘waves’ …

The first wave will include 175 participants, a big - nice one! - to this group, you were early to raise your hands, so not only will you have less people in your pool … you will also have access to reach a special target.

You will be able to work together to swell the ranks of node operators to 1000 participants, if that target is hit then your reward Wave #1 rewards pool will be doubled!

Anyone new joining will have a chance to participate in ‘Wave #2’, until it is full, at which point they have to wait for ‘Wave #3’.

There will be more reward mechanics and incentives released as we go, but our first 3 waves of Beta Node Operators will also be granted, among other perks, early access (and meaningful rewards related) to our AI DApp - which will be revealed later this year, as we look to showcase and help ‘end users’ discover Autonomi!

Think that I should probably draw it to a close there, but will end by saying that we’re all truly excited to ramp things up, and for @everyone to see the outputs and benefits of the work the team has been putting in.


Hi @JimCollinson ! Will this beta programme of running nodes be CLI based or will there be a GUI ready?


I’m very excited about this but I don’t even know what questions to ask. :joy:


OK here is a good question. Where do these rewards come from? Who provides them? And what are they exactly?


We’re iterating on a text based UI as we speak… terminal based, but no prior CLI knowledge required


We have a (quite large) pool of tokens set aside from genesis to thank the beta testers!


Just throwing this out there @rreive was mentioning something about setting up a help desk.

If we tried to set this up could some rewards go to people who assist newcomers ?


I think a bigger question is how big is this pool going to be LOL. Before any doubling that is.

I know, I know too early to say and maybe you want to leave that carrot dangling to increase anticipation (spoken like in rocky horror picture show)


I don’t think we should mess with the spirit of this forum by introducing rewards for being helpful to new people.
Kinda makes the place what it is.


This number is pretty high, where did all these people crawl out of? :grinning:
It is an impressive number that seems to dwarf the known testnet participants by leaps.

This rewards program has suddenly brought home the fact that we are launching and more so the importance of the next few months.
It is happening! :tada:


How does one raises his hands ? I have not been testing the network as selflessly and diligently as many people writing in the forum, but I am here reading the discussions every single day, so if there is still some room count me in :smiley:


Count me in! I will be joining with my Oracle Free Tier :smiley:

So apparently they got the following for free!
Ampere (ARM-based processor): VM.Standard.A1.Flex
Network Bandwidth (Gbps): 1
Max VNICs: 2
Processor: 3.0 Ghz Ampere Altra

You can get up to 4 free OCPU and 24 GB of Memory that falls within the free monthly tier.
Or for example you can get 4x a VPS with 1 OCPU and 4 GB.

For Block storage you can get up to 200 GB for all instances combined.

@JimCollinson Is there a specific link that people need to sign up / enroll to?


what are the limits on those.

Some other providers offered free but limits prevented all month use if actually using it for much, but still free


On AWS I got free tier too but it expired, those Ampere based VMs are often unavailable. Still waiting to see if I can spin one up in the next few days.

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I like the reward incentive for early testers to bring in new testers. Clever and hopefully works well.

I have a draft message about beta and participation that is ready to blast. Hopefully I’ll snag a few good home node operators.

So sweet to see these things coming to pass!


Is it too late to join the first wave?

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And how does one know about successfully being part of wave #1 :thinking:


I was wondering this too


I think there are some lurkers. And some of them run nodes on the testnets.

:wave: Hi lurkers!


If you filled out the form when it (link to form) was posted in discord then you should be fine


Will be sent a confirmation email just to check that everything is ok?

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