Update 6th June, 2024

There’s only one topic of conversation this week, so the update is a bit shorter and less detailed than usual, although as you can imagine, it’s all go in the engine room.

So, for sub-surface dwellers, the big news is that the Beta Network has launched and the first wave of testers are up and running. It’s taken a wee while (slight understatement), but we got there, just as David always knew we would. And when we say we, that means all of us. It could never have happened without the steadfast support of the community over the years. :pray:

Thanks to you the network has grown from our original 2,000 MaidSafe nodes to over 17,000 nodes and counting (more seem to be attempting to join!), our biggest ever by some margin. The first wave of testers providing this impressive sea of storage are mostly patiently awaiting their nanos. Inevitably there are still one or two glitches to iron out, but that’s one of the reasons to have a phased Beta testing program — we figure the first wave will likely be the most technically advanced.

One of those glitches is the laggy DAG, which is slow in delivering the nanos to the Discord Bot. In part this is because of the rapid expansion of the network, and we have a fix in play to address this. Rest assured, though, that all your nanos are being logged and stored on the DAG. And we have performance improvements waiting in the wings. We just need to tie it in with the Discord Bot without breaking things.

Another is the overload of the bootstrap servers. We normally launch 2,000 nodes across 50 machines, and that’s never approached 100% CPU before. Here we see that the bootstrap nodes alone would be hitting 100% CPU, and this is undoubtedly causing issues for folks attempting to join and for uploading data. We’re looking to have bootstrap only nodes in the contact file, on dedicated machines now. And then to have other “capacity” nodes when needed. (We may also look to diversify the contacts file, if anyone was happy to have their node’s peers shared for bootstrapping, this could help lighten the load!)

The scale of the network means the data on it is spread fairly thin. This should rectify itself in time as uploads catch up.

Another issue a few of you have reported is with nodes stuck in “added” state when using the launchpad. Nic and @roland are looking at that now. For those comfortable with using the command line, the safenode-manager is another way to launch nodes which doesn’t seem to have this problem. Let us know if you need a walkthrough for this.

Some have experienced an error using the safenode-manager and some Windows users are finding nodes are not running. Again we are looking into these issues.

We’re building in more monitoring in all areas of the code, so finding these bugs and bottlenecks is getting easier. The Node Launchpad is next in line.

Massive thanks again to all you first wave testers. Keep the reports coming. It’s all valuable info and the team and community members are happy to help and to answer any questions if you get stuck. If you didn’t make it into the first wave, make sure you sign up for the second one, when hopefully most of the current issues will have been resolved.


Me first! Teehee. Time to read


2nd Podium in a row!

Very exciting times with the Rewards Beta up… I bet it’s manic behind the scenes!

Amazing work MaidSafe team… remember to pace yourselves :smiley:


Called the issue on bootstrap node. Figured that would be a weak point. I alone probably near dosed it.


Out of the box again :slight_smile: This is a historic update! :point_left: :clap:

This is a great work of the team and the whole community involved, I appreciate it very much and thank you all very much for your contribution and commitment! :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I am in the first wave but I have not been able to launch nodes, is there a specific date for the launch path change feature to be implemented?
During testing it was possible to choose where to launch nodes, is it not possible to use this functionality in Launchpad?


Amazing work everyone! It’s been a long journey, but some how, it always felt we would reach the destination one day.

Ofc, the network hasn’t launched yet and the beta needs to succeed first, but - wow - what an achievement! A massive well done and thankyou to all who have been involved over the years!


Thanks so much to all of the beta testers and Autonomi staff for all of your hard work and patience! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Here we are after so many years. Congrats!


Congrats to the team, this is really groundbreaking!
Btw, I wonder if this is a good moment to invest on SSD and HDD companies hahaha
Imagine a shortage of storage, like what happened with GPUs and Ether mining.


What a memorable quest this has been, being part of the forum (the best).

Thank you everyone at Maidsafe for the years of battling complex things and now finally beginning to earn the luck and breaks that come only from deep dedication.

i’m still pinching myself that we are finally getting away from Goliath :crazy_face: :smile: (client/server).

Thank you David for taking a shot at something amazing and with new CeO & Jim, both fantastically polished and principle centred leaders … wow, what a team to deliver something very special!

Feels so good to be node’ing, haha


Congrats to everyone.
Thanks team past and present.
We did it.


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. David saw Bitcoin before Bitcoin was Bitcoin. But he also saw true value, in which we can all share in. Congratulations, our journey into the mysteries of Autonomi has only just begun.


Ethereum 10,000 nodes
Bitcoin 18,000 nodes
SN/Autonomi 17,000 nodes in 24 hours

Talking about decentralized :scream:


Are those real and current stats?!

Each device can host multiple nodes. In some ways our number could be slightly misleading seeing as so many nodes could be on one device or range of devices behind one ISP but each node is evenly distributed in XOR space so there are added benefits there I believe.

What are others perspectives on this?

Either way I think 17,000 is mega impressive! Especially for day one!


Well when you put it that way.


We should be plastered across all crypto and tech publications, and above the fold!

This is historic.



It feels great to be here.

I wonder if i’ll be allowed to talk about “The Safe Network” again at curry night. :thinking:


Co-Pilot from Bing comes up with these node-numbers. Of course the nodes behind BTC and ETH have a lot more muscle, but that is not really the point. 17,000 nodes just shows the most robust decentralization I have ever seen. Very impressive David & Team to get so many people joining the network in just 24 hours!


well done to all the team what a week I didn’t even realise it was Thursday till I saw the update.
keep up the great work

I have the network size at 18k at present :slight_smile:


Still confused why 5 nodes have 400 connections and all the rest have 0.

Is there a way to bootstrap my new nodes from the ones with the hundreds of connections somehow?


Are you using Launcher or safenode-manager? For Laucher I don’t know, but in safenode-manager you can add nodes with --peer argument where you supply custom list of peers.

For the 0 connection nodes it helps sometimes to simply stop those nodes, wait few minutes and start them again.